February 09, 2024

Design Trend: Layers and Dimensions

Design Trend: Layers and Dimensions

When it comes to design, layers and dimension always play a role, whether they are addressed intentionally or not. However, these design aspects are predicted to be an intentional focus in 2024 as homeowners seek accessible ways to add their own personal style and character to their homes. One less obvious or conventional way to add an element of layers or dimension to your space is through art! Queue our featured collection for February - Layers & Dimension.

Drawing inspiration from this collection, below are our staff recommendations and how we would style some of our favorite “layered” prints.


> For a Large Living Room Wall

Triptychs create an interesting focal point while also covering some serious surface area. One of our favorite new “layered” triptychs is shown below, printed on aluminum. 

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Abstract desert triptych art over couch


 > For the Minimalist

Understated layers and color pairings can add just the right level of interest to complement more minimal interiors, like the two-tone image below.

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Abstract ocean art over couch


> For a Tranquil Beach House

Soothing blues and greens, serene ocean abstracts and light and airy beach scenes are great ways to infuse some tranquility into your beach house style. We’re especially partial to prints featuring abstract waves like the one featured here.

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Ocean photograph over bed


> For a Small Space

Sometimes overlooked, small nooks or spaces above smaller pieces of furniture are often great spaces for adding some layers and dimension.  And as a bonus, since these smaller prints tend to be quite affordable, you can change them out seasonally as a fun way to refresh your space.

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Framed minimal photograph 

> For an Architectural Element

Prints featuring architecture can be a great way to add dimension and interest to a blank wall.  Bonus points if the print features one of your favorite buildings from travels abroad, as this helps bring a sense of personality and nostalgia to your space.

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Architecture photograph in hallway


> For a Bold Coastal Interior

Move over serene blue-greens and shades of beige, we’re seeing potential for more dramatic colors as an unexpected take on coastal style.  Like this print below featuring some pretty bold shades of orange and navy.  Staff tip: adding a white frame to bolder coastal prints can help tone down the drama and allow them to blend more easily into more contemporary coastal styles.

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Abstract Ocean Art in Coastal Living Room