August 29, 2022

Soothing Coastal Abstract Art

Soothing Coastal Abstract Art

One of the best ways to set a soothing tone in any room is with beautiful coastal wall art. Coastal abstract art has a therapeutic calming effect and the ability to transport our minds to a zen place. Melt your worries and the challenges of the day away with images of abstract ocean waves that seem to conjure up the smell of salty air, the feeling of warm sand underfoot and the sound of lapping waves and seagulls overhead.

We have rounded up our favorite soothing coastal abstract art prints. Beneath some of them you will find the photographer's story behind the image. Each fine art print is gallery quality and available in a range of sizes and media. Enjoy!


pink and purple abstract ocean art

Soft Curl Abstract Ocean Fine Art Print by Dave Ness: "This curling wave is a reminder that while the ocean is amazingly powerful, it can also be so soft and gentle. It was a little after 8AM in the morning in Kauai. The rising sun was throwing color in the adjacent sky, as if to announce its arrival. This wave caught my eye because of its perfect form and gentle curl."



abstract beach art

Serene Abstract Coastal Fine Art Print by Sandra Kourah: "The ocean fixes everything. The fresh salt air, the melody of the waves, the quiet blue strength that brings us back to the present moment, in the Serene here and now. I shot this abstract ocean piece at Ke'e Beach in Kauai, which is the start of the Napali Coast. The process I used is known as "panning" to produce the abstract fluid motion and give one the feeling of being lost in a dream."


 abstract ocean wave art

White Wash Coastal Abstract Fine Art Print by Dave Ness



white and gray abstract ocean art

Ocean Mood Fine Art Coastal Abstract Print by Dave Ness: "The ocean and sky have taken on a mystical warmth on this overcast day. Rather than take a straight still photograph, I moved the camera sideways to create a bit of horizontal blur so that we would all focus on the color, movement and design, or lack of design, to the waves and sky."



abstract ocean wave photo

Soothing Swell Abstract Ocean Fine Art Print by Dave Ness



pink and blue abstract art print

Remedy Matted Art Print



turquoise abstract ocean art print

Ocean Portals Abstract Ocean Fine Art Print by Sandra Kourah: "Dawn at Hospitals Break in La Jolla. Most people chase sunsets, for me the sunrise is always a time of watching the universe awaken and tell stories that few ever see. I had seen this particular location photographed before always at sunset and low tide. I had a different vision in my head, I wanted to see it at sunrise and high tide. I was not disappointed!"



ocean wave art print

Sunset Surf Coastal Fine Art Print by Janelle Maas



abstract ocean wave photograph

Light Spray Abstract Ocean Fine Art Print by Dave Ness



pink sunset ocean art print

Endless Light Coastal Fine Art Print by Sandra Kourah



orange and purple abstract ocean art

Sets in Motion Abstract Coastal Fine Art Print by Patrick Sanford



abstract coastal art print

Soliloquy Fine Art Print by Isaac Rauscher



abstract coastal art

Awakening Abstract Fine Art Print by Manuela Durson: "One early morning at Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma, this incredible sunrise happened, making for a dreamy scene that almost seemed unreal. This being famous for a sunset spot, I was surprised about the beauty a sunrise could produce in this location."



abstract pink sunset ocean art

Mediterranean Light Fine Art Print by Sandra Kourah



abstract ocean art print

Spiritual Freedom Abstract Fine Art Print by Isaac Rauscher



orange and blue ocean art

Painted Motion Abstract Ocean Fine Art Print by Patrick Sanford: "One thing that has always drawn me to the ocean was that the colors reflected, and texture of the water continuously changes throughout the day. Capturing the motion of the ocean using a panning technique became a search for a needle in a haystack. For every handful of images shot you may only get one where all the elements come together to create a smooth, beautiful image reflecting that exact perfect moment."



abstract beach art 

Coastal Layers Abstract Fine Art Print by Joseph Giacalone: "A stormy November morning at Mission Beach (San Diego, California). The photograph was created by using a motion blur effect to enhance the wonderful blend of sand, sea, surf, and clouds."


We hope you enjoyed going on a mental vacation looking through these soothing coastal images and perhaps found one that you love for your space. Take advantage of a free art consultation with an art curator or learn about our free try before you buy offer!


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