About Triptych Wall Art

January 24, 2022

About Triptych Wall Art

Triptychs are one among our favorite art presentation formats. They are a popular choice for large wall spaces, and they offer something different and interesting over a traditional piece of art. 

In this article we will first briefly explain what a triptych is, then what type of art and media you can expect to find offered as a triptych, and finally a roundup of our favorite triptych wall art.


What is a triptych?

Abstract Triptych

A triptych is one continuous image divided into three equal vertical segments. Each of the three pieces is hung equidistant from one another. This modern presentation adds interest and dimension to an otherwise "normal" piece of artwork.

They have the added attribute of being able to cover more surface area, making them a popular choice when it comes to filling large wall spaces such as over couches or beds and on empty walls or staircase landings. 


What type of art works as a triptych?

Common types of artwork offered as triptychs include abstract paintings, abstract photography and even certain landscape photography images. Since the image is divided equally into three pieces, the image's composition determines whether it is a good candidate to become a triptych or not. 

Triptychs are offered in multiple media options, the most common being gallery wrapped canvas. Other media options some artists and photographers offer are aluminum, framed stretched canvas and framed fine art prints.

We particularly like the gallery wrapped canvas option as a triptych because the image spills onto the sides of each piece, adding to the dimensionality when seen from an angle.

Beach Triptych Wall Art

Tower 13 Triptych on stretched canvas with barnwood frames by Roy Kerckhoffs


Triptych Art Roundup

Below are our favorite triptych art pieces from our artists' collections. There is quite a variety, from abstract ocean waves and black and white seascapes to landscape photography. Enjoy!


Desert Triptych Wall Art

Borrego Springs State Park triptych on aluminum by Kim Belverud


Nature Triptych Wall Art

Wild Goose Island triptych on gallery wrapped canvas by Kim Belverud


abstract triptych wall art

Ocean Colors triptych on gallery wrapped canvas by Dave Ness


Sunset Triptych in Living Room

The Lone Photographer triptych on aluminum by Evgeny Yorobe


Black and White Triptych Wall Art

Sunbeams and Clouds triptych on aluminum by Kim Belverud


Abstract Ocean Triptych

Light Spray triptych on gallery wrapped canvas by Dave Ness



Triptychs & Art Sets

Modern Coastal Collections

San Diego Collections

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