Winter Decor Trends: Gallery Wall Refresh

January 29, 2021

Winter Decor Trends: Gallery Wall Refresh

Our years working at the gallery have shown us that gallery walls, picture ledges and smaller prints are proving to be lasting trends. They allow for variety, versatility to fit all sorts of wall spaces and configurations, and can grow over time with a growing art collection. 

Gallery walls and small prints can be fluid and easy to refresh seasonally or whenever the motivation strikes. A fun way to refresh your home for the winter season is by swapping out two or three select prints on your gallery wall with a touch of winter and you will have a whole new look and feel!

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Below are some inspiration pictures to help in planning your own winter-themed gallery wall or ideas to swap out your small prints around the house.

Winter Gallery Wall Inspiration

This gallery wall is infused with subtle touches of winter, paired with bold graphic art.  The cold images are balanced with warm ones to create a wintery yet cozy feeling. A snow capped mountain range touched by the sun’s warm glow, a wild forest enduring a cold front, contrasted with a magnificent, warm and inviting cathedral brimming with old world charm. 

Gallery Wall

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Winter Picture Ledge Inspiration

Modern graphics pair well with photographs and this picture ledge nails the look!  This nature themed picture ledge includes a leafless aspen forest, a stark jagged cliff cloaked with fog, and an icy mountain in the Himalayas illuminated by a glowing sunset.

Gallery Wall Picture Ledge

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Small Prints with a Touch of Winter

Smaller prints throughout the house can easily be swapped out and stored to make room for a new one to instantly freshen the room’s look. Though subtle, the snow capped mountains in the background of this photograph of Half Dome in Yosemite Valley brings a touch of winter to the room. 

Framed Photograph of Half Dome Yosemite

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This black and white photograph of a remote road through the trees and mountains certainly gives us a chilly feeling. We can imagine enjoying this print while sitting near a blazing fire (with a mug of hot cocoa in hand!).

Framed Black and White Photograph

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Another wintery photographic print featuring a beach pier, captured in the cold winter sea air. The monotone grays are quite soothing. This piece is another appropriate one to subtly infuse that chilly, wintery feeling into the room.

Fine Art Photograph of a pier

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