The Origin Story

This first blog entry is a dual effort.  We each went home and independently wrote an entry answering the question "How did MK Envision Galleries come to be?"  We did not see each other's responses until just before publishing.  Read on to see whether we are as like-minded as we claim to be!  We hope you enjoy.


In a way, this all started ten years ago.  That being said, ten years ago I had no idea that I would one day be opening a photography gallery with my dad and my best friend.  Ten years ago I had no idea that we would one day be forming a partnership with a renowned landscape photographer.  And ten years ago I had no idea that we would one day be a tenant of, and active contributor to, the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station.  Even though these were all unknowns, it was ten years ago that I met Kelsey, my best friend and partner in crime, and knew that my journey had changed forever.

I couldn’t tell you the exact conversation, but soon after meeting, either Kelsey or I must’ve said something like, “Let’s start a business together one day”. And, as if we were discussing something completely trivial, the other must’ve replied with, “Yes, let’s”.  Perhaps it didn't go exactly like that, but I can say it was something we decided very early on in our friendship, and we have never since looked back.

Determined to find the perfect project to pour ourselves into, Kelsey and I decided to explore a few industries and pursue some of our passions, which generally happened to relate to pet care and pet health.  There were some moments here and there where we thought we had found what we were looking for, but we were never able to commit. There was always something missing from our vision.

Of course it was serendipitous in our minds why we never committed to any of our other ideas.  It kind of sounds corny, but I feel as if this opportunity presented itself to my dad, Kelsey and myself at the perfect time.  I think this is exactly what I always hoped I'd find.

So what is “this” exactly? Well, this is our opportunity to combine each of our passions and talents into a creative outlet, and hopefully, a sustainable career.  

Our passions:

-Exploring and celebrating the beauty of nature

-Gaining new perspectives

-Enjoying life’s little moments

-Supporting non-profit efforts

-Fostering a sense of connectedness within our local community

-Sharing all these things with our friends and family

And so, we could envision no better way to express these passions than through photography...through photographs of renowned photographers, through local talents, through our own lens.

We are so fortunate to go on this adventure. We are eager to make a meaningful impact along the way and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life."--Naeem Callaway 



Finding passion in life.

Focusing on the beauty in the world.  

Following your dreams.

Inspiring other people.

Those all sound great, but how many of us are actively, regularly doing all those things?

Along come the bills, the unexpected life events, the long hours, the obligations.  As life gets more and more complicated, finding the time to go after our exciting dreams begins to seem as though they will always remain just that....dreams...

Our business and our blog are meant to challenge you to break out of your routine and reconnect with your dreaming side.  We are told from a young age to follow our passions.  Where along the way do we lose sight of them?

A room full of passionate people can change the world.

Not all of us can drop what we are doing to pursue your lifelong dream or start a new business this moment, but our challenge to you is to find what makes you passionate and simply do more of that!  Passionate people inspire other people.  The world desperately needs more inspired people.

MK Envision Galleries is a culmination of the passions and experience of three partners. Our gallery highlights passionate photographers.  Our hope is that their work will perhaps ignite passion in others.

We believe hanging an image that inspires us in our office or in our home will remind us that beauty and adventure and greater things await just outside our walls.

Our story...

I met Michelle in September of 2005.  We knew within months of friendship that there was an inexplicable cohesiveness and like mindedness.  Her ideas excited me; my ideas complimented hers.  A sense of energy and confidence grew greater each time we got together.  We just jived.  We decided one late night in our freshman dorm that we would one day start a business together.  Our dream was that this business would be bigger than us and positively impact our community.

Since that realization, 10 years have passed in which many life lessons, industry experience and countless brainstorming sessions have transpired.

Our greatest hope is that MK Envision Galleries inspires people.  The photographers and images we select offer beauty, reflection, inspiration... Their passion for the wonders of the natural world reflect in their work in an infectious way.

We envision a more inspired and passionate world.

Envision with us.

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