Why Liberty Station?

When we identified the things we wanted out of the location for our gallery, these are the things we knew:  we want to be accessible to the public, among like-minded people, somewhere unique, and somewhere creative...Once we considered Liberty Station, we needn’t look further.

We found all of those things and more.  This is not just a place, it's a community...artists, galleries, photographers, comic book stores, dance studios, non-profits and a plethora of fantastic restaurants...it is a hub in Point Loma and growing by the day.  A big focus of MK Envision Galleries is connecting to the San Diego community, by highlighting the beauty of San Diego through images and through showcasing local talents.  NTC Liberty Station is dedicated to promoting the arts and fostering a sense of community.  It is the perfect fit for our vision.

Photo By Adrian K from San Diego, CA, US (Preble Field, 1961) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecom…

Liberty Station is San Diego’s former Naval Training Center (NTC) of 70 years.  By the 1990’s it housed over 133,000 military personnel which was 20% of the entire Navy.  The land was transferred over to the city of San Diego in 1997 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Currently, there are over 50 businesses in the refurbished Barracks, all carefully preserved to maintain the historical integrity.  Once a month, the Arts District holds an art walk, Friday Night Liberty, where the public comes to get a chance to interact with San Diego’s art community.  You can view working artists in their studios, watch dance performances, listen to live music- a unique way to come out and support local artists.  We are thrilled and grateful to be joining the Liberty Station community and become part of its history.

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