So You Want to Design Your Own Logo?

Occasionally Kelsey and I over-complicate things.  This is especially true when it comes to making important MK Envision related decisions.  Choosing our logo was no exception.

It's one thing to know what you don't want your logo to look like, but conjuring up your idea of a perfect logo is a whole different beast, or at least it seemed that way to us.

It didn't take long before the intial excitement wore off and we were left feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Not really knowing where to start, Kelsey and I took to Google Images, researching competitor logos, artsy logos, simple logos, and everything in between.

 After much research and brainstorming, we decidied on these things:

1)  We wanted our logo to be "our own" (clever, right?)-- basically, we didn't want to use someone else's artwork

2)  We wanted to incorporate the colors of nature, whether it be the colors of the earth elements, the colors of a sunset, etc.

3)  And finally, we wanted our logo to include a camera shutter

From this point on, the process became a little more fun and a little less daunting.  Keeping in mind our original criteria, we also determined a few rules for ourselves:

-throw out any sketch we both thought was "so cute" or that we couldn't see a burly man sporting on his ballcap

-toss any sketch that caused our "focus group" (obliged family and friends) to squint at for more than a few seconds

-take a break when we started placing blame on our paint brushes or pencils for their inadequate illustrations

And so, here's a little glimpse into how our MK Envision logo came to be...

Some of the first contenders:


Our attempt at a "trendy" logo:

The shutter we had envisioned all along:


A bunch of "mk's" we eventually nixed (partially due to the "not getting angry at the paint brush rule"):


The "mk" that we also decided had to be hand-painted (talk about over-complicating things):


Followed by a few hundred font options:

 And voilà:


Nothing to it, right? ;)

*Special thanks to our family and friends for all of your support, advice, and patience!

Until next time,

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