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Artist Statement

Please take a second to remember the most beautiful place you have visited. Can you remember all the details? How the clouds were moving, the color of the leaves, the smell of the trees? Sometimes, we remember the overall sensation of visiting a place but we forget the small details. That is the reason why I started photography.

I remember driving through the Jasper’s National Park gates for the first time. The Canadian winter was significantly different from everything I had experienced in Brazil – my birth place. As I walked into that fairytale scene, I kept snapping photos with my point-and-shoot camera. I probably snapped more than two thousand images, but I failed to recreate the feeling of seeing that place for the first time. 

That was the moment I decided to take landscape photography seriously. My photography journey has been filled with amazement, driving, exploration, flying, frustration, hiking and some hiding from bears. Capturing the beauty of nature is a tall order and one that I still haven’t managed to fulfill. During my photography years, I have learned that capturing an image is only the first step of the process. I use the raw image as a canvas to paint the feelings I had during that moment. My post-processing routine focuses on enhancing the features that capture my attention and muting the distractions that are always surrounding ourselves. 

My goal with photography is to make you feel like you were there with me. I want to share the beauty of nature and encourage everyone to go out and explore this beautiful world.


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Artwork Sizing Chart