Piazza San Marco


Venice, Italy.  "My hotel was close to Piazza San Marco. I woke before sunrise to catch this shot. Photographing Venice was so exciting I found it difficult to sleep. This lagoon city is a beguiling mix of old world charm, stunning architecture, and modern style. No matter what time of day or night, Venice is always glamorous."
-Maryanne McGuire

  • Each original piece is printed on Fine Art Archival Photo Paper, mounted to a wood panel, Encaustic coating (beeswax and resin) and hand colored with pastels
    • Also available as "Print Only" Limited Edition photographs on Fine Art Archival Photo Paper (rolled and ready for professional framing)
    • Artist signed Certificate of Authenticity included with each piece
    Note: "Print Only" photographs will not match the colors as displayed encaustic photos. The colors within the encaustic photos have been enhanced and altered to create their painterly effect.

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