Rhino Reflection

Size: 20x30, Material: Aluminum Float Mount

 I call this image Rhino reflection. I have a big wave gun committed to a wall at home. The lines on these surfboards are sleek and beautiful. Meant to whisk the surfer down a 30foot face, holding their line, as they dart ahead. In short, the name Rhino Chaser is what identifies this unique type of board. Not for the faint of heart, yet created for the warrior wave hunter.

A world recognized surf photographer by the name of ‘Art Brewer’ photographed an image of a surfboard in 1995 in a similar way. I knew I had seen this type of image before somewhere. So...he was my inspiration.

I had imagined creating this piece for a while, thinking, when the moment is right, how am I going to get the board to stand up on water like that. Well, it wasn’t easy.

It involved a Swiffer mop handle, tape, and running back and forth to the camera. After several frames, and a disappearing sun. I had crossed my fingers, and hoped I had something ethereal, something worthy of printing.

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