Solitary Surfer

Size: 30x20, Material: Aluminum Float Mount

In photography, there are no hard rules as to where you should be placing your point of interest, as long as you are communicating the story, when you are quickly cropping, and conceptualizing your composition in the best possible way. Sometimes the image you see doesn’t wait for you to take the picture, you have to predetermine what is about to happen, and wait for the image to come together, then take the shot.

I call this image Solitary Surfer. There was a moment of clarity when I perched myself near a channel in Cardiff beach. The water was surprisingly still, I noticed a lone surfer walking towards the strip of water to surf the north side. I was so excited to see what was about to unfold, I almost forgot to take the shot as he hit center frame. The leading lines created by the channel’s edge, brought a sense of importance to the distant silhouette.

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