Modern Coastal Wall Art: "Coastal Immersion"

June 04, 2020

Modern Coastal Wall Art:

This roundup of wall art that compliments Coastal Modern Decor, Beach House and Coastal Farmhouse, much like a vivid sunset compliments the end of a relaxing beach day!  

We happen to have a special place in our hearts for coastal inspired wall art.  Seabirds, salty air, sandy feet, and the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the shore - these images have been selected to embody what we love most about the coast. The ocean has a mesmerizing and therapeutic effect on us, and we experience an inexplicable peace gazing out at the distant horizon. 

We hope this collection offers you that same peace and inspiration for designing and decorating your coastal inspired home. Why not bring the allure of the coast and that peacefulness onto the walls of your home!


This wall art collection is created with care by the MK Envision Print Lab or the artists' own professional print labs.  Each print is produced using archival inks on fine art paper, canvas or aluminum and is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  


1. Cardiff Dream by Roy Kerckhoffs


2. Soul of the Sea by Sandra Kourah


3. Structured Calm by Dave Ness


4. Pier by beachradish images


5.  Outcrop by beachradish images


6. Baltic Light by Sandra Kourah


7. Dreamy Sunset Cliffs by Kim Belverud


8. Buffet by beachradish images


9. Humbug Mountain by Manuela Durson


10. Lighthouse Gate by Janelle Maas


11. Couple at Beacon's by Roy Kerckhoffs


12. Daydream by Sandra Kourah


13. Lighthouse with Rocks Below by Janelle Maas


14. Infrastructure by beachradish images


15. Mermaid's Reverie by Sandra Kourah


16. La Jolla Beach by Roy Kerckhoffs 


17. Bubble Stick by beachradish images



18. Ocean Breeze at the Children's Pool by Lee Sie


19. Liquid Sunrise by beachradish images 


20. Low Tide at Sunset Cliffs by Roy Kerckhoffs


21. Seaside Escape Fine Art Print


Don’t forget to Pin your favorites or click the image below to Pin the whole collection to your Modern Coastal Decor or Beach House Inspiration boards!


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Artwork Sizing Chart

Artwork Sizing Chart