April 21, 2022

Living Room Wall Art: Sunset Lover

Living Room Wall Art: Sunset Lover

If you have a love affair with sunsets, you are not alone! We have been known to abruptly pull off the road to marvel at a particularly vibrant sunset or stand transfixed in the backyard, savoring a soft and peaceful sunset to its last moment. 

When it comes to decorating living room walls or other large walls in your home, why not bring that mood elevating visual treat indoors!  Sunset wall art can completely transform a room into a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

We have gathered a beautiful collection of sunset wall art available on canvas, aluminum, or fine art paper, each image created by independent artists and photographers. Perhaps one will inspire you to create your own colorful, serotonin-boosting retreat. 


This first image created by a San Diego photographer captures all the vibrant color of this peaceful sunset illuminating the famous Scripps Pier in La Jolla.

"Above the Jewel" Sunset Living Room Wall Art

Above the Jewel by Evgeny Yorobe


This unique sunset wall art piece is an original photograph transferred onto wood panels by a San Diego independent artist. Explore more wood photography art.

Beach Sunset Wood Wall Art

Heading Home by Pixel On Wood


We love this abstract art featuring the orange sky and blue ocean swells. Though it resembles a painting, this piece is actually a photograph, available as a canvas print or on fine art paper.

Abstract Ocean Sunset Art in Living Room

Painted Motion by Patrick Sanford 


This special art print featuring a vibrant sunset behind the Coronado Bridge in San Diego is in the form of a triptych, or set of 3 pieces. Triptychs and art sets take up more wall space and make a big impact in the room.

Sunset Photo Art Triptych

The Lone Photographer Triptych by Evgeny Yorobe


Bright ocean sunset framed art over sofa

Seeing Red by Evgeny Yorobe


This print features a row of palm trees in San Diego silhouetted by a beautiful sunset. This limited edition art print is available on canvas, acrylic or fine art paper.

Sunset Palm Trees Photo Wall Art

California Sunset by Lee Sie 


The next several art prints feature softer and more soothing sunset colors. Each artist offers slightly different print media options, however our preference with these softer pastel sunsets is to print on canvas. Some are gallery wrapped canvas pieces, and some are canvas prints with float frames.

Beach Sunset Photo Wall Art

Bandon Sunset by Manuela Durson


Pink Ocean Sunset Wall Art

Endless Light by Sandra Kourah


modern living room with beach photography print

Waves by Evgeny Yorobe


Ocean Sunset Photo Art Print

Dalis Ocean by Lee Sie


Lifeguard Tower Beach Sunset Wall Art

Tower 2 Morning by Roy Kerckhoffs


In our opinion, one of the only type of sunsets that can rival ocean sunsets are desert sunsets. There is something about the big expanse of sky over the restful quiet of the desert landscape seems to produce magical results. Those who enjoy nature plus sunsets will enjoy these next few desert wall art prints.

 Desert Sunset Photo Art Print

Borrego Springs State Park by Kim Belverud


Sunset Desert Wildflowers Wall Art

Superbloom 2016 Fine Art Print


Desert sunset art in living room

Grand Canyon at Sunset by Maryanne McGuire


Modern living room with vibrant sunset photograph art

Bell Rock at Sunset by Maryanne McGuire 


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