June 28, 2022

Ocean Wave Wall Art

Ocean Wave Wall Art

Ocean wave wall art is one of our favorites here at the gallery, from soothing abstract ocean waves to a crisp photograph of a perfectly formed curl, frozen in time. If you are looking to add an ocean gallery wall or coastal decor to your home, ocean wave wall art is a perfect way to tie the look together. Whether you need a touch of serenity to your home office or want to add the beauty of nature to your bedroom, we have a variety of wall art to fit what you’re looking for. Shop this collection if you’re looking for a great wave piece of artwork, sandy beach seascape, sunset canvas wall art, surfer inspired wall art, and more! 

Being located in San Diego, the photographers we represent have the good fortune of having some of the country's most beautiful beaches at their fingertips. Many of our photographers are surfers and beach lovers. It is safe to say each of them has a deep love for the ocean's beauty and they spend countless hours on the shore, adding to their coastal collections.

We have compiled some of our favorite ocean wave art prints below, some available on wrapped canvas, framed fine art paper, aluminum or acrylic. Each fine art print purchase directly supports these ocean-loving photographers' careers!

  Abstract Ocean Wall Art in Bedroom

Elegance Framed Fine Art Print by Vincent Darmohusodo, Pixel on Wood


Wall Art Ocean Waves

Black's Beach Surfers Fine Art Print with Barnwood Frame by Roy Kerckhoffs


Abstract Ocean Art

White Wash on Wrapped Canvas by Dave Ness


Ocean Wave Wall Art

Blue Crush Framed Fine Art Print by Vincent Darmohusodo, Pixel on Wood


Wall Art Ocean Waves

Sea Glass Framed Fine Art Print by Vincent Darmohusodo, Pixel on Wood


Wall Art Ocean Waves

Ocean Portals Framed Fine Art Print on Aluminum by Sandra Kourah


Wall Art Ocean Waves

Surging Surf on Wrapped Canvas by Dave Ness


Ocean wave art in living room

Rogue Wave Framed Wrapped Canvas by Lee Sie


Wall Art Ocean Waves

Translucent Curl Triptych on Wrapped Canvas by Dave Ness


Wall Art Ocean Waves

Retro Surf Archival Matted Art Print


Ocean Art in bedroom

Turbulence Fine Art Print on Acrylic by Lee Sie


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All of our prints are made with the highest quality materials. You can choose from a variety of materials including wrapped canvas print and fine art quality prints. Our ocean wave wall art comes in many sizes and dimensions to fit whatever room you’re looking to decorate.

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