March 01, 2023

Modern Dining Room Ideas

Modern Dining Room Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration to give your dining room a modern facelift, you are in the right place. We have rounded up our favorite modern dining room inspiration pictures that demonstrate the current design trends, modern dining room wall ideas and furniture ideas. 

How do I make my dining room look modern?

The first design tip in making a dining room look modern is to consider the overall aesthetic and colors. Modern dining rooms have a simplified elegance. Stick with a neutral yet sophisticated color scheme and understated, simple furniture pieces.

Then, layer in a modern chandelier or light fixture and a statement wall that serves as the focal point. Next we will go over each key dining room component and what the modern day trends are for each.

modern black and white dining room


What are some major trends in modern day dining rooms?

Dining Room Color and Theme

The trend with modern day dining rooms is a natural, organic feel with various soothing earth tones. With a natural wood table as the backbone of the room, supporting colors can be neutrals such as white, cream, beige, brown, gray and black.

If you want to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect modern paint color for your dining room, check out our downloadable Modern Dining Room Paint Palettes PDF.


Dining Room Rugs

Also on trend, we are seeing oversized area rugs of various styles under the dining table. The rule of thumb is to size the rug so it is large enough for each chair to have room to slide back comfortably. 


mid century modern dining room


Dining Room Lighting

Another modern day dining room trend is a bold statement chandelier - this can be the biggest tone-setter in the whole room. Modern and sleek, traditional, mid-century retro, coastal chic, wicker or woven… there are as many chandelier styles as there are personalities. Paired with classic, modern tables and chairs, any of those styles can complement a modern dining room. 


retro modern dining room


natural mid century modern dining room


art deco chandelier in modern dining room


coastal modern dining room 


As an alternative to a large statement chandelier, another lighting trend in the dining room is one, or several pendant lights in a row, centered over the dining table that can vary in style from industrial to modern farmhouse.

natural wood modern dining room

modern French bistro dining room


Dining Tables

Unfinished natural wood tables are on trend and perhaps have always and will always be popular!  Alternatively, sleek, round, white dining tables are the perfect base to (literally) design your modern dining room around! 


elegant modern dining room


modern dining room with wood table 

 round white dining table and chairs


elegant white dining room


Dining Chairs

Low-backed dining room chairs made from wood, metal, or other natural materials are on trend in modern dining rooms. Wishbone backs are very popular in modern dining rooms. Upholstered chairs complement modern dining rooms if they have simple, clean lines. Another design trend is choosing two accent end chairs that vary from the others. Dining chairs could be where you introduce an accent color too.


elegant modern dining room


mid century modern dining table


wicker dining room chairs


 modern dining room with Italy art

Shop the Look: "Empire of Light" Framed Italy Fine Art Print


modern dining room with accent wall and blue chairs


Statement Art

A modern dining room trend when it comes to art is creating a statement wall. This can look like one piece of oversized art - from an abstract painting or art print - to a large gallery wall of photographs or mixed media. 

modern art in dining room


gallery wall in modern dining roomPhoto Credit Pinterest

 abstract art in modern dining room

Shop the Look: "A Nautical Symphony" Abstract Coastal Fine Art Print


natural dining room

Shop the Look: "Winding Roads of Canyonlands" Desert Fine Art Print


modern coastal dining room

Shop the Look: "Elegance" Ocean Fine Art Print


Modern Dining Room Wall Ideas

In addition to statement art, here are some other modern dining room wall ideas. 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can add a whole lot of interest to a bare wall and give you a place to style vases, candles, plants, framed art and other decorative items.

modern boho dining room


Sideboard With Mirror or Art

Modern sideboards or buffet tables are both stylish and practical by providing additional storage. Pair with a mirror or large wall art. 


modern coastal dining roomShop the Look: "River Calm" Abstract Fine Art Print 


modern dining room decor


Wall Treatments

Wall treatments such as wainscoting, shiplap and geometric patterns add depth and interest to your dining room accent wall.


modern dining room with wooden table 


black accent wall modern dining room


Living (or Faux) Plant Wall

A unique way to infuse your dining experience with nature is to create a living plant wall.


plant accent wall in modern dining room


Modern Dining Room Divider

Our last dining room design idea is a modern shelving unit that can either be against a wall or act as a room divider.


black and white modern dining room


Keeping these design principles in mind, be sure to have fun adding your own personal style.

We hope this article helps inspire your modern dining room decorating!


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