August 12, 2022

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

If you are looking to transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary with romantic tones, you are in the right place. From color schemes to lighting and decorating tips, we have put together our top romantic bedroom ideas. Enjoy!

 four poster bed with big windows


Choosing Your Bed & Furniture:

Let’s start with the most important element and piece of furniture in the room - the bed! Making your bed the focal point of the bedroom is going to be a big theme in creating a romantic space. If nothing else, choosing the style of your bed, the wall decor over it, and the bedding can have a big impact on the feel of the room. 

Modern Romantic Style

Combining modern with romantic style is a bit of an art form - you have to balance the clean lines of modern decor with a softer romantic feel. Look for beds with clean, straight lines or you can offset the softer look of a tufted headboard with modern nightstands, light fixtures and other decor elements. Four poster beds have made a comeback and there are plenty of modern, sleek options available. 


modern romantic bedroom with art

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warm modern and romantic bedroom


modern bedroom with four poster bed


Traditional Romantic Style

For traditional elegance, choose furniture with soft, feminine touches such as Victorian, even if that is not typically your style. The elegant curves and small details in traditional furniture instantly soften the feel of the room and add a layer of sophistication. Look for beds, accent chairs, and upholstered benches of that style, and pair with rich, dark woods and gold accents.


romantic victorian bedroom


traditional romantic bedroom with lavender accent chair


mirror and flowers on a mantle


Create a canopy by draping sheer curtains over a four poster bed to create a romantic oasis in your bedroom.


romantic canopy bed with sheer curtains


The Importance of Colors:

Color plays a vital role in creating a romantic ambience in the bedroom. Here are some deep, saturated colors that represent love and passion: scarlet red, burgundy, deep purple and blue and chocolate brown. On the softer end of the romantic palette are blush pink, lavender, soft grays and off-white. Let’s look at some modern romantic color pairings.

The classic deep red, rich wood tones and dark gray sets the tone in this romantic bedroom.

 bedroom with deep red headboard


This bed is filled with velvety pillows ranging from tan and blush pink to deep navy. The navy complements and pares down the feminine colors to create a nice balance.


bed with peach, navy and neutral bedding


This luxe romantic bedroom is filled with soft shades of gray, off-white and gold.


luxurious romantic bedroom with gold accents


This sophisticated romantic look has contrasting soft neutral colors and bold black accents.


modern romantic bedroom with black accents


Set the Mood with Lighting:

Lighting has the power to set the mood of the whole room instantly so it is one of the key design tips for creating a romantic ambience in the bedroom. Here are some bedroom lighting ideas and tips.


black and gold modern romantic bedroom


Lamps and light fixtures:

To create that romantic ambience, lamps, chandeliers and light fixtures are preferred to overhead lighting. More controlled areas of soft light in the corners of the room help create a soothing wash of light. If you do have overhead or recessed lighting, install a dimmer so you can adjust the lighting as needed and be sure to turn it down to a low, soft light in the evening.


warm romantic bedroom with chandelier


Color Temperature:

Choosing the right color temperature for your lightbulbs makes a big difference in creating that soft, relaxed ambience and also helps with your circadian rhythm. You want to choose bulbs with a warm, natural glow (think opposite from bright white or daylight). A good color temperature range to shoot for is 2,000K - 3,000K for soft lighting or for even dimmer/ low lighting stay under 2,000K.


warm romantic bedroom with mood lighting



Not only are candles the epitome of romance, they also add a soft flickering light in the room. Nothing compares to real candles in our opinion, but a convenient way to add the allure of candles on a daily basis is by adding artificial candles with timers for some simplified, automated ambience! 


romantic candles in a bedroom



If you are lucky enough to have a master bedroom fireplace, light that romantic fire up! If not, a fun alternative is to install a faux electric fireplace or if you have a tv in the bedroom, cue up the Netflix fireplace video.


romantic bedroom with fireplace


Consider a Moody Wall Color:

Moody dark wall colors like inky black, charcoal, burgundy and dark gray can set a sultry tone in the bedroom. Paired with Victorian furniture, candles, and lighter bedding, dark walls can make the room classically elegant. If you are considering painting your bedroom walls black, find designer tips and inspiration in our blog Black Accent Wall in the Bedroom.


moody dark walls in bedroom


Dark walls make greens and whites pop. Decorate with deep green foliage and plants, white roses or other flowers, and light colored bedding.


fresh flowers in bedroom with black wall


This bedroom painted a lighter shade of gray is paired with a charcoal black bed and furniture for lots of bold contrast. The artwork featuring a woman in red walking through the streets of a faraway country is full of mystery and romance. The power of art to create a romantic ambience is discussed next.


bedroom with black bed and large artwork

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Another wall decor option is to go with romantic wallpaper like this macro flower wallpaper in passionate shades of purple, pink and red. 


pink bed with floral wallpaper


Romantic Wall Art:

What you put on your bedroom walls is one of the most impactful ways to create a romantic ambience. An oil painting of a table set for two, a couple dancing in the rain, an abstract painting with passionate reds, images of beautiful flowers, a favorite photograph from your honeymoon - the power of imagery is undeniable in setting the mood. Use that to your advantage in creating your romantic bedroom. Explore wall art by color

Many agree, one of the most romantic locations in the world is Italy. Gondolas floating along ancient Venetian buildings conjure up feelings of love. For more romantic Italian art prints, check out the collection of fine art prints From Italy, With Love.


framed italy print next to bed

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framed italy art in bedroom

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Have a fond seaside memory that would set the perfect romantic tone in your bedroom? If your iphone pictures are limited in print size, find a coastal photograph featuring that same location.


framed coastal art over bed

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Pictures of sunsets on the beach have an undeniable relaxed, romantic vibe.


sunset photograph over bed

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Romantic Bedroom Decor Tips:

Once you have your color scheme, bed, furniture, and wall art selected and the proper lighting in place, it’s time to choose some luxurious romantic accents. Here are some romantic bedroom decor ideas.

Scent & Candles

Scent is another important element to add to the romance.  Choose scented candles or diffuse essential oils in romantic scents like rosewood, vanilla, jasmine or whatever your favorite is.


candles on a tray in a bedroom



Artificial or real, flowers are a must!


fresh flowers in a glass vase



Set on a bench or dresser, style trays with candles, flowers, perfumes, jewelry, etc.


tray with candle and vases



Choose soft and luxurious materials for curtains, throw blankets, and rugs such as faux fur or velvet.


fur throw blanket on a couch


Hopefully this article provided you with some good romantic bedroom ideas and inspired you to start creating the romantic bedroom of your dreams!

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