Modern Wall Art: "Artfully Minimal"

June 03, 2020

Modern Wall Art:

This wall art roundup of 21 minimalist-inspired fine art prints compliments the Modern home and Modern Coastal home decor styles effortlessly.  These breezy prints will bring a calming and refreshing effect to the walls of your living room, bedroom or guest room.  

Selecting the right wall art for the Modern or Modern Coastal home has to work with the aesthetic... simple and streamlined design, clean lines, no clutter in sight. These hallmarks of the modern home, along with a minimalist touch, provide an escape from the noise and stress of everyday life.  

We hope you enjoy shopping this collection and that it puts your mind at ease. Don't forget to Pin your favorites or the whole collection!


Each print is produced using archival inks on fine art paper, canvas or aluminum and is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  

1. River Calm by Dave Ness 

Minimal modern wall art in living room


2.  Serene by Sandra Kourah


3. Apart by Joseph Giacalone

Black and White Ocean Wall Art


4. Morro Bay Morning by Janelle Maas


5. Coastal Layers by Joseph Giacalone

Abstract Ocean Wall Art


6. Into the Blue by Manuela Durson


 7. Dusk on the Point by Janelle Maas


8. Soft Curl by Dave Ness


9. Solitary Tree by Jed Gallimore

Black and White Tree Photograph


10. Gentle Friends Fine Art Print


11. Reflecting on Cannon Beach by Kim Belverud


12. Windy by Janelle Maas


13. Arrowhead Birds by Jed Gallimore

Black and White Mountain Photograph


14. Ocean Mood by Dave Ness


15. Hotel Del Coronado by Janelle Maas


16. Nostalgia by Sandra Kourah

Modern Beach Wall Art


17. La Jolla Shores Surfer by Roy Kerckhoffs 


18. A Walk in the Woods by Dave Ness


19. Sea of Galilee Fine Art Print

Bird Wall Art


20. Baltic Light by Sandra Kourah

Modern Beach Wall Art in Bedroom


21. After the Hailstorm by Michael Ventino


Don’t forget to Pin your favorites or click the image below to Pin the whole collection to your Modern Home Decor or Modern Coastal Inspiration boards! 


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Artwork Sizing Chart

Artwork Sizing Chart