August 19, 2022

Bathroom Art Ideas

Bathroom Art Ideas

During our years at the gallery, we found that many people were surprised to learn there are multiple types of art suitable to the conditions of the bathroom. Hanging art in the bathroom is a wonderful way to add style to a sometimes overlooked room in the home. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom and looking for some design ideas to implement or you are refreshing your existing bathroom, read on for some tasteful and modern bathroom art ideas.

Whether you are a tub soaker and spend many relaxing hours in your bathroom, or you are a quick shower type of person, we all spend time in the bathroom on a daily basis. Decorating your bathroom may seem like an afterthought, but adding some nice touches and giving the room a relaxing atmosphere can offer you little doses of calm and reprieve from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule.


What do you put on bathroom walls?

There is a way to blend both function and style on the walls of your bathroom. Of course there is a good amount of function to take into account in the bathroom. This is a room for taking care of business, so to speak. You may want to hang shelves to organize bathroom items, hang hooks or racks for towels, and dedicate the prime wall space for a mirror or two. When it comes time to style your bathroom, art on the right medium can tie the look together.


modern black and white bathroom

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What kind of art is good for bathrooms?

One of the biggest considerations when choosing art for the bathroom is whether the moisture content in the air will damage it over time (or immediately!). Though waterproof art for bathrooms may not fully exist in the sense of dunking the art in a bath of water with no lasting damage, there are multiple media options that are water-resistant and will last many years even in a high humidity environment. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the most popular media we see in bathrooms.



We do see canvas wall art displayed in bathrooms often, however there are some cautions. We sell archival canvas prints varnished with UV and water resistant coating, however moisture and heat cause even the highest quality canvas to expand and contract. Though the canvas should last many years even in humidity, be aware that this effect does shorten its lifespan. 

sunset art in bathroom with tub

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Aluminum art prints are completely moisture resistant and may be the closest media option to being considered truly waterproof. This extremely durable material is also UV damage resistant. 

modern bathroom with beach art

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Wood Art

Wood art that has been treated with waterproof sealant is also water resistant for many years. The same applies to wooden frames.


surf wood art

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Framed Art

You need to take extra care with framed art in the bathroom as the moisture can easily warp the paper print inside the frame. Over time, untreated wood frames could also rot. Look for aluminum or metal frames and be sure that the art is professionally framed. Framers seal the back of the frame, protecting the paper print inside and preventing moisture from entering. 

framed art in bathroom

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Modern Bathroom Art Ideas

Aluminum art prints are not only a smart choice for longevity in the bathroom, they offer a clean, modern look. High quality photographs printed on aluminum have crisp, saturated color and can be mounted to the wall with a float mount.


Italy picture over tub

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Another modern bathroom art idea is decorating with black and white art prints. These prints complete the modern elegance of these two updated bathrooms.

 black and white modern bathroom

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black and white coastal art in bathroom

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Small Bathroom Art Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, capitalize on any wall space you can find, be that over the toilet or on a narrow wall alongside the door or shower. You may have to get creative with opportunities to decorate the walls such as stacking small framed prints creating a mini gallery wall or selecting a vertical piece of art.


small bathroom with blue abstract art


small bathroom with blue art


In a small bathroom, another idea is to print and frame a photo from a favorite trip at the perfect size you have space for.

framed road picture

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Framed Bathroom Art

Be mindful of the framed art cautions listed above, but framed art can make a bathroom feel polished and is a good opportunity to create a statement wall. This modern bathroom is completed with a large framed canvas of an abstract landscape.

large framed canvas art in bathroom


Unique Bathroom Art

A unique idea for decorating a bathroom wall is wood artwork. If the wood art piece has been sealed, this can be an excellent choice in withstanding the moisture-rich air.


wood art of a beach scene

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Art Subject Ideas

Landscape Scenes

Gaze at a peaceful nature photograph while soaking in the tub for a double dose of therapy. A soft sunset over the desert, a lush green forest or a grand mountain vista - why not add a beautiful image of your happy place in the bathroom!


cactus photograph in modern bathroom

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Soothing Abstracts

Soft, muted tones of abstract nature or abstract water art prints make for a serene spa-like environment.

coastal abstract art

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Beach Photographs

Relax and unwind with your favorite coastal photographs. Every time you enter your bathroom, your mind can go on a seaside escape.

beautiful beach art in bathroom

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framed coastal art

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Botanical Prints

Refresh your bathroom with plant or floral art prints. Botanical art prints are a popular choice for the bathroom, perhaps because they add a sense of renewal and refreshment. 

bathroom with lavender art and decor

Complement botanical art with living plants that thrive in humidity for a true cleansing environment.


blue and white bathroom

We hope you gleaned some art ideas for your bathroom remodel or decorating project. If you would like to receive our latest design blogs straight to your inbox, be sure to join our email list. Happy decorating!