October 05, 2022

Beach Theme Bathroom Decor Ideas

Beach Theme Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you are wondering - how can I make my bathroom look beachy? - then you are in the right spot! There are many ways to transform your bathroom into a little seaside escape, from a complete remodel to simple ways to incorporate beachy design principles and decor. In this article, we offer beach theme bathroom design tips and a lookbook of coastal bathrooms to get you inspired to create your own! 

Beach Theme Bathroom Design

When designing a bathroom with a beach theme, we focus on the same design principles that apply to a modern beach house or modern coastal design style. Check out our article How to Decorate Modern Coastal for a deep dive into creating the modern coastal look in your home.

To create a modern beach house bathroom, think whites and light wood as the baseline. Everything else in terms of decor will stem from there.  

coastal bathroom vanity 

Once you have the whites and light wood foundation, it’s time to incorporate another coastal color such as calming blue tones. Here are some examples of coastal blues showing up in the flooring and tile.


double vanity in coastal farmhouse bathroom 

beachy bathroom vanity with blue tile


beach theme bathroom with light wood vanity


For a bit more of a pop, choose an accent color like cool turquoise and incorporate in the tile, rugs, or a painted accent wall.


coastal bathroom with turquoise tile accent


If you are the type who needs more of a punchy statement or a dash of drama in your beach themed bathroom, try a cobalt blue accent wall with eye grabbing gold fixtures.


dark blue accent wall in coastal bathroom


Still bold but with a softer, moodier vibe, go with a blue gray color for the vanity or an accent wall.


blue vanity in coastal white bathroom


Beach Themed Bathroom Paint Ideas

To create a coastal vibe, you simply can’t go wrong within the blue color family, but if you are looking for some other options or colors to pair with, take a look at our Beach House Mood Board. 


beach house paint colors

Looking for a deeper dive into coastal decorating? Download our free Coastal Decor Guide for a breakdown of six different coastal decor styles including color palettes, design tips, lookbooks and wall art ideas for each style.


Beach Bathroom Decor: Coastal Art Prints

One of the best ways to transform your bathroom into a beach retreat is by hanging beach or ocean themed art. See below for some of our favorite coastal art prints.


 framed ocean wave art

 Shop the Look: Sunset Surf Fine Art Print


beach art in a coastal bathroom

 Shop the Look: Cardiff Dream Fine Art Print


surf photograph with wood frame

 Shop the Look: Red, Yellow and Blue Fine Art Print


modern coastal bathroom with abstract water art

 Shop the Look: River Calm Fine Art Print


black and white coastal art print

 Shop the Look: New Point Loma Lighthouse Fine Art Print


black and white surf photograph on wood

 Shop the Look: Surf Lineup Wood Photo Art


beach photograph

 Shop the Look: Horizon Fine Art Print



Beach Bathroom Decor: Tropical Plants

Adding tropical plants to your bathroom is another great way to create a beachside feeling. Tropical plants thrive in high humidity making them the perfect fit for the bathroom. Just make sure you choose plants according to how much sunlight your bathroom gets.


tropical potted plant on tub 

 tropical plants in tub


floating shelf with vining plant and candle


If you don’t possess a green thumb, adding dried beach grass, pampas or palm fronds can be a good substitute. 


dried palm frond decor 


Beach Bathroom Decor: Accents & Accessories 

Remember the whites and light wood design tip? The same applies to your accessories such as soap dishes, brushes, towels, etc.  Natural wood accents, shells and stones are other fun decorative items to incorporate into your beachy bathroom.


beach bathroom accessories 

white bathroom with coastal theme 

beach wood candle


seashell decor


beach theme bathroom decor


shell hanging wall art


Beach Bathroom Decor: Wicker and Woven Accents

The natural fibers of wicker and woven decor are also right at home in a beachy bathroom. Some ideas are baskets, woven bowls, wall hangings and wicker light fixtures. 


woven basket and dried palm fronds


coastal art print in a beachy bathroom

Shop the Look: Wind and Sea Fine Art Print 


woven wall hanging


woven lamp pendant


We hope you gleaned some helpful tips on how to create your own beach theme bathroom. Happy decorating!


Looking for a deeper dive into coastal home decorating? Download our free 24 page Coastal Decor Guide.

Coastal Decor Guide


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