Black and White Wall Art for the Contemporary Home

August 19, 2020

Black and White Wall Art for the Contemporary Home

Timeless and classic, black and white wall art will never go out of style. Specifically black and white photo prints bring an element of nostalgia, paying homage to the early days of photography.

Black and white wall art is versatile enough to compliment any decor style - modern, traditional, contemporary, vintage.  Add a natural or barnwood frame for a rustic farmhouse feel.  Add a metal, steel frame for urban or industrial decor. The decor possibilities go on and on!

Below we have an inspiration board of sorts, including visuals of black and white wall art in various types of frames, black and white gallery walls, and black and white wall art ideas for the bedroom and living room.  We hope you enjoy!


Boho entryway with black and white art

Casablanca Devotional by Lisa Ross



Black and White Art Framed

Generally speaking, you simply can’t go wrong framing your black and white art print in a classic black frame.  The addition of a white mat adds even more contrast for a polished and sharp look.   Another option is framing in a white or light maple wood frame, adding contrast and a softer feel. We also love pairing a more relaxed barnwood frame with black and white images, instantly transforming the overall look.  We also threw in a frameless black and white photo print for fun.  The frameless look is modern and you don't have to worry about a frame competing with the image.


Framed black and white art print in living room

Shades by Diego Lapetina 


Framed black and white beach art print

NextUp by beachradish images


Framed black and white art print

New Point Loma Lighthouse by Janelle Maas


Black and white beach photo on acrylic

The Shack by Jeff Brown


Framed black and white beach print

Pier by beachradish images



Black and White Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are one of our favorite ways to make a gorgeous statement wall.  They are so fun to put together and can be completely customized to your space.
The tricky thing about creating gallery walls is that they can get very busy very quickly.  If you are the type that likes a bit more order and simplicity, strategizing a cohesive grouping of images is the way to go.  Choosing a color palette or sticking with black and white images is a perfect way to add that order while still having fun mixing and matching.
For A to Z gallery wall tips and inspiration, check out our free Ultimate Gallery Wall Planning Guide download here.  
Gallery wall with framed black and white beach prints
Living Room Gallery Wall with black and white framed prints

Gallery Wall images by beachradish images and Roy Kerckhoffs



Black and White Wall Art for the Bedroom

Incorporating black and white wall art into the bedroom makes a statement of modern elegance. Paired with neutrals like linen and soft browns and whites, you create a palette that will never go out of style.


Modern bedroom with black and white ocean art
The Bridge by Lee Sie
Framed black and white photo art in a bedroom

Modern bedroom with black and white art
Silent Mist by Lee Sie

Black and white themed bedroom with abstract art
Between States by beachradish images


Black and White Wall Art for the Living Room

Choosing a striking black and white art piece for the living room makes for a bold and timeless feature wall.  Shown below with a variety of frames and finishes for completely different looks.  The first piece is paired with a rustic barnwood frame, adding an element of warmth.  We also have a frameless aluminum print, striking and modern, and finally classic black frames that blend right in with the images. 


Living room mantle with framed black and white pier photo art
In Perpetuity by beachradish images
Coastal modern living room with black and white art
People of Del Mar II by Roy Kerckhoffs
Modern entryway with a large framed beach photograph
Modern entryway with a black and white landscape photograph
Mobius by Manuela Durson
Minimalist living room with large black landscape photograph
Stand(ing) by Diego Lapetina
Black and white Italy photograph in a modern living room
Night at the Duomo by Lee Sie
Modern Living room with a large vertical black and white artwork



If one of these Black and White Wall Art Prints caught your eye and you would like to see how it would look in your home, take advantage of our free image staging service!  Click below for more details.

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