Boho Wall Decor Top 7 Ideas & Tips

June 23, 2022

Boho Wall Decor Top 7 Ideas & Tips

If you find yourself charmed by the boho home decor style, you are not alone! There is something intriguing about a boho aesthetic in a room. The room is often filled with travel inspired art and accessories, rich colors and patterns, and a carefree vibe. 

If you are looking for boho home decor inspiration, you are in the right place. Below we will share tips on how to create a boho decor aesthetic in your home, boho color schemes, and our top 7 boho wall decor ideas.

A Brief Background of Boho

Before we describe the boho home decor style, it is helpful to understand where the term “boho” came from. In the 19th century, gypsies traveled to France from Bohemia and were referred to as “bohemian”. Bohemian travelers described people who pursued an unconventional lifestyle, perhaps traveling the world, and were often devoted to artistic pursuits such as music, art and literature. In modern times, the term is still closely related to its origins, describing people who reject societal norms, are anti-materialism, and have a “free spirited” worldview. 


boho living room

Boho Home Decor Style

The idea of freedom of expression is embraced wholeheartedly in lifestyle, dress, and environment. There is something alluring about this way of life, especially for those who are adventurers and travelers at heart. The home decor style "boho" was born to embody this spirit. 

Decorating a room or entire home with a boho aesthetic allows you to have fun, disregard standard design principles and unleash your creativity.


boho decor bedroom


How to Create a Boho Aesthetic

A key component to pulling off a boho aesthetic is to layer textures, patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid to combine various patterns and colors such as layering multiple patterned rugs. Furniture should have character such as vintage and refurbished pieces. Though you can certainly incorporate new furnishings, old and worn pieces add to the boho charm. 


natural boho decor

When it comes to wall decor, think the opposite of minimalist. Have fun mixing and matching travel or desert inspired art prints, wall hangings and mirrors. Get creative and make it your own.

Another boho design tip to keep in mind: the more plants, books, and art the better! Consider hanging shelves to showcase your collection of art, plants and decor.


boho living room styled shelves 

Incorporate many natural textures such as wicker, rattan, woven baskets and textiles, tapestries, crocheted wall hangings and wall baskets. Other boho decor accessories include beads, candles, baskets, throw blankets and mirrors. 


boho baskets and decor


Another opportunity to incorporate yet more texture in the room is with wicker light fixtures. The patterns created give off a mellow, meditative vibe.


wicker lighting


Boho Decor Color Schemes

As for color schemes, think warm earth tones such as deep olive green, sage, mauve, terracotta, mustard, burnt orange, gold, and neutrals like brown, gray, cream and white.

Boho home decor color schemes


Top 7 Boho Wall Decor Ideas

Without further ado, here are our top 7 boho wall decor ideas to incorporate into your home to create that stylish yet relaxed boho mood.


1. Travel Inspired Boho Art Prints

Take inspiration from world travel and other cultures. Look for travel wall art prints from faraway parts of the world that intrigue you or are on your travel bucket list. Or if you have done some traveling yourself, print and frame your own for an extra personal touch.


black and white boho wall art

Shop the Look: "Casablanca Devotional" Fine Art Print


travel gallery wall

Shop the Look: "Wanderlust Gallery Wall" Set of 5 Art Prints


Wall art travel

Shop the Look: "Streets of Old Havana" Fine Art Print


whimsical travel photo

Shop the Look: "Szentendre" Matted Art Print


framed photograph in boho bedroom

Shop the Look: "Central Coast Road" Framed Fine Art Print


2. Desert Inspired Boho Wall Art

Nomads and wanderers who have embraced the bohemian lifestyle often camp out or make a temporary home in the quiet expanse of the desert. This is why desert art prints and desert inspired wall art encapsulate the boho vibe so well.


Desert boho wall art

Shop the Look: "The Three Ocotillos" Matted Art Print


boho wall decor cow head


framed boho desert wall art prints

Shop the Look: "Cactus Gathering" and "Land Before Time" Matted Art Prints


arrows boho wall decor


desert triptych wall art

Shop the Look: "Borrego Springs Triptych" Fine Art Print


3. Wall Baskets

Wall baskets are a way to add a lot of interest, dimension and texture to the wall. They can be purchased in sets of assorted sizes and patterns.


boho wall baskets


Boho wall decor baskets 


4. Boho Wallpaper

Tropical, plant based wallpaper paired with vintage furniture can create that boho aesthetic very well. Try a statement wall or if you are feeling bold, go for the entire room!  


boho tropical wallpaper

Photo Credit: Liz Morrow Designs


5. Boho Style Mirrors

A gallery wall of mirrors has a Moroccan vibe, which lends itself well to the boho decor style. Creating a display of assorted mirrors is a fun collection to grow over time during travels and shopping trips to bazaars and second hand stores.


boho wall decor mirrors


6. Plants, Plants and More Plants

Hanging plants, vines that can drape over shelves or walls, succulents on shelves and on window sills, the more plants the better!


vines around bedroom mirror


boho living room with plants


7. Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame wall hangings may be the most apropos boho wall decor item on this list! The natural fibers and textures hung right on the wall is the perfect complement to the boho aesthetic. 


boho wall decor hanging plants


boho macrame wall hanging


We hope you found some inspiration and design tips for your boho design project. Join our email list to receive more home decor and design articles from us!

Happy decorating!


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