Gallery Wall Layouts & Tips

October 12, 2021

Gallery Wall Layouts & Tips

Gallery walls have been very popular over the last several years, and it’s no wonder.  We will briefly explain the reason behind gallery walls’ popularity and  break down the most popular layouts.  Lastly, we will include a link to a free instant download our 25-page Gallery Wall Planning Guide to get you well on your way to creating the gallery wall of your dreams!

First, why are gallery walls so popular?



They are versatile enough to fill in that awkward wall space at the base of your staircase or they can make a huge statement and take over an entire living room wall.  Small spaces, large spaces and everything in between, gallery walls have got you covered.  You can hang as few as 3-5 framed prints up to as many as your heart desires!


Gallery Wall

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Gallery walls are the epitome of personalization and uniqueness, often showcasing memories over the years.  We have seen fun pairings of mixed media- graphic art, photography prints, paintings, personal photos, vintage postcards, even movie ticket stubs and airline tickets.  The beauty of gallery walls is that you can keep adding to your gallery wall over the years as you collect more memories and more art.



Those with eclectic taste are probably most naturally drawn to the mix and match motif of gallery walls, but that does not mean that other decor styles cannot be represented with well planned out gallery walls.

For a modern style, try narrow black or white frames with a mix of photography and abstract prints.  A focus on barnwood frames instantly creates a rustic feel.  Gold or champagne frames of various styles can create a traditional, romantic feel.  

Gallery Wall over dresser

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What are some gallery wall layouts? 

For some inspiration, we have included staged rooms representing some of the more popular gallery wall layouts.  

There are generally two categories when it comes to designing a gallery wall, symmetrical or organic (otherwise known as salon wall).


Think clean and modern, organized and linear.  Symmetrical gallery walls often contain large matts and small or midsize prints.  We will go over 4 different types of symmetrical layouts.  Diagrams of each type are included in the free downloadable Gallery Wall Planning Guide below.

  1. GRIDS of 6, 9 or 12 are clean and cover some serious surface area.


Symmetrical gallery wall in bedroom

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2. REFLECTIONS have a “horizon” between the top and bottom row.  They can either mirror top to bottom perfectly, or be somewhat asymmetrical.


Wanderlust Gallery Wall

Shop the look: Wanderlust Gallery Wall Collection


3. TAPERED gallery walls have a larger focal piece in the center and taper down on each side.


Tapered gallery wall

Shop the look: fine art matted prints by Roy Kerckhoffs


4. PICTURE LEDGES can be symmetrical (or not), layering larger pieces in the back and smaller in front.


Picture ledge over sofa

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Here are 4 types of organic gallery walls.  Diagrams of each type are included in the free Gallery Wall Planning Guide below.

  1. THEMED PRINTS + MATCHING FRAMES.  A themed collection of prints with the same style and color frames.


Serenity Gallery Wall

 Shop the look: Serenity Gallery Wall Collection


2. THEMED PRINTS + MIXED FRAMES.  A themed collection of prints with a mix of frame styles and colors or frameless.


San Diego Gallery Wall

Shop the look: San Diego Vibes Gallery Wall Collection


3. MIXED PRINTS, MATCHING FRAMES.  An eclectic print collection with the same color and style frames to add unity.


Eclectic gallery wall in living room

Shop the look: Fine art prints by John Scanlan


4. MIXED PRINTS, MIXED FRAMES.  An eclectic collection of prints paired with mixed frames.  Done well, this collection of mixed media, mixed frames, mixed colors and themes, somehow creates an end result that has a certain unexplainable je ne sais quoi quality.


Eclectic gallery wall in living room

Shop the look: fine art prints La Vie est Belle, Cafe Arcade, Two Towers


Ready to hang your own gallery wall?

Before you take a hammer and nail to your walls, we encourage you to download our free guide to help you map out your gallery wall.  It contains layout diagrams covered in this article, inspiration pictures, and handy hanging tips and guidelines. 


Gallery Wall Planning Guide

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