How to Hang Canvas Art: Step by Step Guide

January 07, 2022

How to Hang Canvas Art: Step by Step Guide

The last important step after purchasing canvas art is hanging it on your wall. If you want the job to look professional and your art to be displayed at the right height, you are in the right place! 

Below we will list out the tools needed and a step-by-step guide to hanging your canvas art like a pro. 


Canvas Wall Art


    List of Tools:


    Step 1: Height Calculation

    The formula below calculates the correct height at which artwork should hang for optimal viewing and minimal neck craning.  The idea is to hang artwork at “eye level” based upon the average human height of 5 feet 4 inches. That said, see below for a list of exceptions.


    How to hang artwork


    57 + (x-y)

    x = 1/2 height of artwork

    y = *distance from wire to top of artwork 

    *This measurement is essentially the distance from the point (with the wire pulled taught) at which the art will hang off the nail or screw to the top edge of the artwork.


    Exceptions to the Rule
    • Are you tall?  If you and your family members happen to resemble NBA players, use the starting number 60”.
    • Short?  If you are endearingly height-challenged, use the starting number 56”.
    • Vaulted ceilings?  If you have high ceilings, use the starting number 60”.
    • Obstructions?  Also adjust if your art will be hanging over furniture. The rule of thumb there is for the bottom of the artwork to be no less than 5-8 inches above the top of the furniture.  

    Remember, the formula is simply a guideline, not an unwavering rule to live and die by.  In the end, adjust as needed to look aesthetically pleasing and use your judgement.


      Step 2:  Measure

      Use the tape measure to measure up from the ground to your calculated height and mark the wall with pencil.

      NOTE: If using Picture Hanging Hook with Nail, measure up an extra 1.75" to compensate for the hook height.


      Step 3:  Hammer Time

      Tap the Picture Hanging Hook with Nail into the wall with a hammer at your measured height or twist the Picture Hanging Super Hook into the wall.


      Step 4:  Hang and Level

      Carefully hang your canvas art from the wire, grab your level and adjust.  

      INSIDER TIP: If your artwork insists on hanging crooked, use Command Picture Hanging Strips to stick one or both corners of the artwork to the wall.

      Voila!  Sit back, gaze upon your perfectly placed and secured canvas art, and enjoy!


      coastal modern art

      Soft Curl on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Dave Ness



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