Wall Art for the Modern Coastal Home

July 06, 2020

Wall Art for the Modern Coastal Home

Modern Coastal design is a classic home decor style that will never be off-trend here on the California coast.  Creating a beach-inspired interior can infuse that carefree breezy atmosphere into your home, no matter if you live near or far from the ocean shore.

Whether decorating the walls of your coastal home is your first priority or finishing touch, choosing complimentary coastal-inspired wall art is a must to complete the ambience. We have rounded up our collections that fit this decor style beautifully to offer some inspiration in selecting wall art for your modern coastal home!


Modern Coastal Decor Style Defined

We define Modern Coastal Decor style as sophisticated beach house embracing the clean and minimal characteristics of modern home decor style.

The style embraces clean lines, a light and neutral color palette, lots of natural elements such as untreated wood, woven baskets, natural textiles, and decor accents with hints of the sea mixed in. 


(Framed Photo Art Print: Crescent Beach by Kim Belverud)

Modern Coastal Inspired Collections

The following collections have been hand picked to compliment modern coastal home decor.  Each art piece is considered archival and available on multiple media options and in various sizes to work best with your space.



(Framed Photo Art Print: Dreamy Sunset Cliffs by Kim Belverud)

Dreamy sunsets, blue aqua water hugging the coastline, cliffside piers and lighthouses, the Coastal Immersion Collection was quite literally made for Modern Coastal Decor.  Each piece in this collection would compliment the home style effortlessly!

> View the entire collection here.



(Acrylic Photo Art Print: Ink Lines by beachradish images)

The Artfully Minimal Collection is full of clean lines and negative space, all with a coastal vibe.  In this collection you will find coastal abstract photography where the photographers used slow shutter speeds and other camera techniques to produce the beautiful end results.

> View the collection here.



(Framed photo art print: Sunny Light by Janelle Maas)

One of our favorite collections is by fine art photographer Janelle Maas. As the wife of a Coast Guard officer, she had the unique opportunity to live at the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego for a period of time. Her collection features this lighthouse and her minimalist style depicts the carefree feelings of being on the coast. 

> View her entire collection here.




(Gallery wrapped canvas print: Ocean Colors Triptych by Dave Ness)

The peace that Dave Ness’s collection of impressionistic ocean waves brings into the home is nothing short of therapeutic.  They are soft, soothing, and have the ability to instantly put your mind at ease.  Dave’s wave images are each printed on archival canvas and some are offered as triptychs. 

> View the rest of the collection.



(Framed Photo Art Print: Daydream by Sandra Kourah)

The coastal inspired collection by Sandra Kourah is full of soft blues and turquoise hues with pops of pink and lavender found in the water and sky along the seashore. Sandra’s photographic style is captivating and dreamlike and ready to enhance the walls of a Modern Coastal home.

> View the collection here.



See something you like but not sure how it will look on your wall at home?  Our graphic design team will create a staged image of the art you love on a picture of your actual wall at home - free for our email subscribers!


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Artwork Sizing Chart

Artwork Sizing Chart