April 26, 2023

Spring Decor Trends

Spring Decor Trends

For us, spring is one of the most welcome seasonal change each year. The magic of the holiday season has long faded, and we start to look forward to spending more time outdoors with that extra hour of daylight and adding some freshness, light and color into our homes.

In this article we will share some easy spring decorating ideas for your home plus a gallery of inspiring spring wall art ideas that can breathe new life onto your walls!  

At a glance:

1. Easy spring decorating ideas for the home

2. Spring decor gallery wall art inspiration pictures

3. Affordable springtime wall art ideas

4. Our favorite wall art perfect for spring: florals, pastel palettes, light & airy


Woman adding fresh flowers to a vase


1. Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for the Home

One way to welcome the arrival of the spring season is by freshening up your home decor accents. Forming the habit of incorporating seasonal home decor can be a therapeutic exercise, training our brains to have a fresh start periodically. 

Moving away from cozy winter decor, think light, bright, airy and fresh. Whites, natural beiges, and fun pops of color are complemented by natural fibers and materials such as woven baskets, jute rugs, and natural wood pieces.

Try incorporating spring colors throughout the home such as pastel pinks and peaches, bright greens, fresh whites and cheery yellows.

Here are some easy accent piece ideas to infuse spring into your home!

  • Add a cheerful, spring inspired welcome mat
  • Floral front door wreath
  • Add fresh flowers and greenery around the house
  • Swap out cozy throw blankets for lighter, brighter ones
  • Same idea for accent pillows
  • Swap out small framed prints for florals and soft abstracts


2. Spring Decor Gallery Wall Art Ideas:

We are definitely on the gallery wall bandwagon - versatile, full of personality, and if you have a hard time committing to one large piece of artwork, these are for you!  Replacing one or two key pieces in your gallery wall with a spring infused print is all it takes for a whole new look. Below are some shop-able gallery walls for inspiration!

 Gallery wall with flowers

Shop the Look: Pretty Peach Flowers Fine Art Print


Spring Wall Decor

Shop the Look: Pretty in Pink, Sea of Galilee, Cherry Blossoms Fine Art Prints


Gallery wall in modern living room

Shop the Look: Plateau du Soleil, Stripes of Lavender, Amore, Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro Fine Art Prints


3. Spring Inspired Affordable Wall Art Ideas:

We also are big fans of small framed prints around the house - layered on a dresser, picture ledge or shelf. Also easy to swap prints for a fresh look whenever inspiration strikes, below are some matted prints for any budget.


Spring Wall Decor

Deep Indigo Blooms Matted Print ($35)


Framed flower wall art

Gentle Friends Print Only ($25)


Framed floral art print

Cherry Blossoms Matted Print ($30)


Framed art print

Plateau du Soleil Matted Print ($30)


Framed flower art

Succulent Bloom Matted Print ($35)


4. Top Picks: Wall Art Ideas Inspired by Spring

Below are our favorite wall art pieces featuring subject matter inspired by spring. The categories represented are florals, pastel palette, and light, white & airy. Any one of these beauties can be enjoyed year round, and are perfect choices to usher in the spring season.

Each image can be clicked on to view different size and media options such as wrapped canvas, fine art prints and acrylic.


Wall Art Ideas: Florals


Framed flower art in modern living room

Delicate Florals Framed Fine Art Print by Maryanne McGuire


Flower wall art in bedroom

Darkened Pastel Flowers Fine Art Print on Wrapped Canvas by Maryanne McGuire


Spring Wall Decor

A Path to Remember Fine Art Print on Wrapped Canvas


Framed wall art of a lavender field

Stripes of Lavender Framed Fine Art Print


Framed floral wall art in modern bedroom

Tulips I Framed Fine Art Print by Kim Belverud


Wall Art Ideas: Pastel Palette


Abstract pink sunset wall art in modern living room

Endless Light Fine Art Print on Aluminum with White Frame by Sandra Kourah


Abstract ocean wall art

Tower 3 Fine Art Print on Wrapped Canvas by Lee Sie


Abstract ocean wall art in kitchen

Antelope Island State Park Framed Fine Art Print by Kim Belverud


Abstract ocean wall art in living room

Soft Curl Fine Art Print on Wrapped Canvas by Dave Ness


Wall Art Ideas: Light, White & Airy


Abstract Ocean Wall Art in bedroom

White Wash Fine Art Print on Wrapped Canvas by Dave Ness


Abstract ocean art in modern bedroom

Summer Surf Framed Fine Art Print by Vincent Darmohusodo


Framed art print in bedroom

Central Coast Road Fine Art Print with Maple Frame by Janelle Maas


Framed Lighthouse Wall Art

Sunny Light Fine Art Print with Maple Frame by Janelle Maas


We hope this article offered some inspiration to apply to your own spring decor refresh for your home!


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