June 03, 2022

Black Accent Wall in the Bedroom - Design Tips

Black Accent Wall in the Bedroom - Design Tips

Accent walls are a design trend that can make a room more dynamic by adding color and contrast. Often accent wall colors are chosen by selecting a contrasting color to the rest of the room or a deeper shade in the same color family as the rest of the room. In recent trends, we have seen the emergence of the boldest accent color yet: black accent walls. 

A black accent wall can set a modern and  sophisticated tone and make for a powerful statement wall. Since black is such a bold and dynamic color, it is important to put some thought into the overall vision of the room and to select complementary furnishings. 


Add a Dash of Drama to your Bedroom

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Painting one accent wall or multiple walls black in your bedroom has an instant moody effect. If you are considering painting a black accent wall in your bedroom, read on for design tips, style inspiration, and popular black paint color schemes and pairings.


Bedroom Design Tip #1: Consider Contrast

For high contrast, pair a white or light headboard with your black accent wall. Metallic and glossy finishes that catch the light are even more high impact and transform the look instantly to a modern design aesthetic. 


modern bedroom with black wall


black and white bedroom

Perhaps surprisingly, even darker hued headboards like shades of deep brown and gray can still pop on a black backdrop with proper lighting. If your bedroom gets plenty of natural light and/or you have enough artificial light, these darker headboards can still manage to stand out and provide enough contrast to make a statement.


dark wood headboard with black wall


Another black accent wall idea is creating a black paneled wall. This master bedroom has black shiplap as its feature wall, which brings added dimension and interest to the feature wall.


black accent wall in bedroom


Bedroom Design Tip #2: Pair with Neutrals

When a black accent wall is paired with lighter neutral colors on adjacent walls, it feels less overbearing and adds just the right amount of interest. In an article by The Spruce on do’s and don’ts of accent walls, they write:

Balance your strong accent wall color with neutral wall colors on the other walls. Your neutral walls can be gray, or greige, or beige — whatever works best with your accent color.”

That said, bedrooms with all four walls painted black can still work well, so long as there is enough light to prevent a cave-like atmosphere. 


Does a black accent wall make the room look smaller?

It is a common misconception that painting walls black or another dark color will make the room appear smaller. In fact the opposite is true - dark walls make a space appear larger.

Designer Tip: It is not recommended to paint the ceiling black, as this will make the room appear smaller and caved in. White or light ceilings have the opposite effect and will make the room appear larger.


Bedroom Design Tip #3: Consider Lighting

Consider the amount of natural light in the room. If there is little natural light and all four walls are painted black, it is likely the room will be quite dark. If that is your commitment, add extra light fixtures to help combat a too-dark room. Otherwise, stick with a single black accent wall color paired with three light or neutral colored walls and lighter shades for your bedding and furnishings.


black accent wall behind bed


Whether your bedroom is filled with or lacking natural light, another design idea is a half black half white accent wall. A half and half wall will still create a dramatic and dynamic look without making the room much darker as a whole.


modern bedroom with black accent

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Black Accent Wall Bedroom Decor Styles

Let’s take a look at some varied bedroom decor styles for inspiration in your own design journey. Black bedroom accent walls can work well with several different decor styles, but each tends to have a modern twist. 


Modern Boho 

modern boho bedroom with black wall

The bedroom above is a fusion of mid century modern and boho. Its use of a black accent wall adds a dynamic contrast to the earthy, light elements. The decor items, mostly white and light colored plus the vibrant red, blue and black rug really pop when paired with this black backdrop. 


Ultra Modern

modern bedroom with black walls

This ultra modern bedroom has luxe and sophistication written all over it. We love the minimalist aesthetic paired with architectural interest in the floor to ceiling windows and paneled wall. This room is flooded with natural light, so the designer had the flexibility to fill the room in elegant black decor.


Modern Chic

modern glam bedroom with black walls

Luxe bedroom furniture with black accent walls can be the perfect combination to create a Hollywood glam bedroom retreat. Gold, bronze and metallic accents pieces, picture frames and light fixtures have an extra wow factor against the black walls. 


How to Choose Wall Decor for Black Accent Walls

This is the fun part. Once you have your black accent wall, it is truly a blank canvas that allows your wall decor to shine. If you prefer to keep modern aesthetic, abstract wall art or black and white photography are perfect complements. We also love this collection of black and white minimalist art for decorating black accent walls.


 modern bedroom black and white

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If you are an art connoisseur, there is no better place to highlight your favorite artwork. This is also a prime opportunity to add a pop of color to the room.


modern bedroom with black walls

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Wall decor doesn’t have to be framed prints or canvas art. It can also be artistic wallpaper, which can help break up and balance a black wall motif. 


pink floral bedroom



Black Paint Color Schemes

Below are some popular paint color pairings and color schemes for inspiration. 


Color Palette: Black + Merlot & Dusty Blue

The first color scheme pairs a deep, saturated, blue-tinted black with merlot and lighter colors dusty blue, true white and light mauve.

black and merlot bedroom colors


Color Palette: Black + Navy & Gold Accents

This next color scheme is a pleasing and timeless combination of true black, off-white and sandy brown with navy and gold accents.

 black and gold bedroom


Color Palette: Black + Soft Neutrals

This last color palette pairs a softer black with a deep gray, cream and two shades of soft browns. This color combination has a neutral, soothing and relaxed vibe.

black and brown bedroom


We hope this offered some good tips, guidance and inspiration for you in your design journey. If you are about to grab some black paint, best of luck on your project and let us know how it turns out!  Happy decorating!


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