Lisa Ross

Lisa travels the world for inspiration. Available works cover all seven continents.
As she likes to say," If you are looking for a piece from a favorite place, call me."

Now considered a Master Printer, she achieves the feel of a painting while retaining the immediacy of the photograph. using original digitized negatives or digital images printed with Ultrachrome archival pigment on large-sized more.

Lisa Ross
14 results
Arches Mazatlan
From $1,250.00
Baboon Buds
From $450.00
Camp Sahara
From $850.00
Casablanca Devotional
From $1,000.00
From $1,000.00
Fort Muscat
From $1,200.00
Hockney Santorini
From $1,800.00
On The Wall
From $1,500.00
River of Dune
From $1,250.00
Santorini Vista
From $1,000.00
Shoot The Piano Player
From $2,200.00
Stans Relief
From $1,000.00
Still Ireland
From $1,000.00
Sunrise Serra Cafema
From $1,250.00