Past Exhibits

Fall 2016 & Winter 2017 Exhibit

Nicole Boramanand - beachradish images


An OB resident, Nicole focuses her work on the ocean and beaches of San Diego.  Her images are timeless, serene and evoke feelings of nostalgia for those who grew up in the local beach towns.

Her collection in the gallery is entitled "One Fine Day in San Diego" which will take the viewer on a tour up and down the coast, beginning at sunrise and ending at sunset.  Her work can be described as impressionistic and bridging the gap between art and photography.

We are thrilled to be representing Nicole in the gallery's first group show, as her work truly embodies the spirit of San Diego in a very distinct style.  

Ivan Farca - Fine Art Photography by Ivan Farca


Though originally from Mexico City, Ivan's passion for the beauty of our hometown reminds us why San Diego truly is a gem.  

His images are vivid and showcase the spectacular colors that occur right in our own backyard.  Ivan travels the world following his love of landscape photography, lately spending time capturing Iceland's stunning features. 

Ivan's talent is apparent when you take in his glowing images of iconic places in San Diego, especially considering he only just immersed himself fully to the art of digital photography over the last 3 years.  

When asked the question:  "What your favorite photograph in your collection?", he replied "My next one."  He truly has a passion for the craft and finds great enjoyment and solace being out in nature.  He is both enthusiastic to share his passion as well as humble, for he is only playing a small part in helping others appreciate the beauty of God's creation.


*Though Nicole & Ivan's work is no longer displayed in the gallery, their work is still available to purchase through MKE.  Call us to place an order:  619-516-8186.

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