Previous Photo Contests

We began the MK Instagram Photo Contest open to local San Diego photographers in Summer of 2017.  It has been a wonderful experience connecting with the local photography community and quite impressive to see the talent!  Below are the 6 finalists from each contest, listed top row left to right followed by bottom row left to right.

Summer 2017 Finalists.  Theme: Forest & Mountains 

1. "Mystic Valley" by Robert Pick (@rollinghillsphotography)

2. "Find a Way to the Light" by Andrew Barnhart (@andrewbarnhart

3. "Choose Diversions that Lead to Adventures" by (@the.real.jman)

4. "Forest in the Endless Mountains" by Jeff Fischbeck (@jafischbeck

5. "Banyumala Waterfall" by Vincent Darmahusodo (@pixelonwood

6. "Daisies, Guy Fleming Trail" by Kelly Moncure (@kellymoncure)


Fall 2017 Finalists.  Theme: Desert

1. "Desert Dreaming" by It's a Dog's Life Photography (@itsadogslife5)

2. "Galaxy over Glamis" by Todd James Photography (@tjarget)

3. "Winter Wonderland" by Daniel Bommarito (@bommaritofineart)

4. "Dead Among the Living" by Robert Pick (@rollinghillsphotography)

5. "The Perfect Moment" by Denise Vasquez Photography (@denisevasquezphotography)

6. "Footprints in Death's Dunes" by Peter Scheu (@petescheu)


Winter 2017-2018 Finalists.  Theme: Black & White

1. "Coral Tree" by Koustav Maity (@ank_fotos)

2. "Journey Interrupted" by jcj images (@johnconnollyjohnson) 

3. "Solar Metropolis" by IALS Photography (@ials_photography)

4. "Winter Dawn" by 1224 Media (@petescheu)

5. "Gateway to the Sea" by Of the Sea Photography (@oftheseaphotography)

6. "Silver Haze" by Daniel G. Bommarito (@bommaritofineart)