November 22, 2022

Beach House Decor and Design Ideas

Beach House Decor and Design Ideas

There are many interior designs inspired by the coast out there - from relaxed beach house to modern coastal. If you are looking for direction and inspiration to transform your home into a welcoming beach house, this article is for you! 

Not sure which coastal home decor style is for you? Check out our free 24 page Coastal Home Decor Guide.

We begin with an examination of what beach house design is and how to create that look in your own home. Next we take a look at popular beach house color schemes and furniture styles. Lastly you will find no shortage of beach house decor ideas, home accents and inspiration pictures organized by each room in the house.


Beach House Design Style

There are many style and design elements shared by the various coastal decor styles such as an open and airy floor plan, light and bright colors, and natural elements and textures infused into the decor. For a deeper dive into the elements of coastal design and decorating, check out our article How to Decorate Modern Coastal.

The characteristic that distinguishes beach house design is its laid-back, welcoming atmosphere that is palpable throughout the home. More so than the others, beach house design keeps relaxation and comfort at its core. You will find this through welcoming indoor and outdoor lounge areas, simple and approachable furnishings and beach inspired decor.

Whether you have an ocean front property with beach access and views or not, the beach house design style is attainable through use of design principles such as color, texture, furniture, plants and accent pieces. 


 coastal living room


tropical beach house patio


Natural Textures in Beach House Design

An important beach house design feature is incorporating natural elements and textures throughout the home. Foundational elements could include stone, tile or concrete flooring, a stone accent wall, natural wood floors, and perhaps exposed beams. Natural textures in furniture and decor could be wicker chairs and light fixtures, woven pillows and blankets, jute rugs, and baskets.

wicker beach house chair


beach house stone wall


white linen beach house couch


Beach House Color Scheme

The foundation for good beach house design is light, neutral colors. Light woods, white linens and curtains and an overall emphasis on plenty of natural light. Another aspect where beach house design can vary from the other coastal styles is its use of bold pops of color such as turquoise, deep blue, or warmer hues such as yellow and orange. Take inspiration from a fun day at the beach when selecting colors to decorate your beach house. 

Download our free Coastal Decor Guide for color palettes for six different coastal decor styles including beach house. 

coastal bedroom

 turquoise chair in bedroom


colorful beach house interior


colorful beach house patio


coastal backyard with blue doors


Beach House Furniture

Beach house furniture should have neutral colors and incorporate natural elements. Some examples - a couch with a wicker base, driftwood bar stools, a jute rug, rattan arm chairs and light fixtures, and a natural wood coffee table or side table.

coastal living room wicker couch


beachy living room with wicker chair


beach house stools


beach house wall decor

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beach house entry table


wicker pendant lamp


Beach House Decor and Accents

Choosing beach house decor is the fun part. Choose decor that pays homage to the beach, from framed prints of beach scenes, ocean waves, or lighthouses to seashells and coral, opaque vases with beach glass colors, and flower pots or bowls with earthy tones and textures. If you are a surfer yourself, bring your surfboard indoors or opt for surfer inspired art to add to the beach house vibe.


wood shelf with beach decor


framed beach art

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decorated shelves in beach house


framed abstract waves photo

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shell wall art


wood shelves coastal wall decor


framed beach print

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ocean wall art

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abstract ocean wall art

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 For more abstract ocean and coastal art prints, check out this blog roundup.


yellow surf board in beach house


surfer photo art print

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Tropical House Plants

No beach house is complete without plants! From succulents and potted indoor plants such as the prolific pothos to tropical plants of all varieties. Just make sure the plants you choose are placed in rooms that receive adequate light for their variety. Hang them from braided rope, place them in clay pots on the mantle, coffee table or bathrooms, and add larger potted plants to the corners of each room - the more plants the better for your beachy tropical oasis. Don’t have a green thumb? Dried pampas or palm fronds add an instant beach vibe to the room.

beach decor plant and candle


tropical indoor plant


beach house decor plants


potted succulents 

dried beach plants


dried palm fronds beach decor


Beach House Living Room

Perhaps the most important room to create a welcoming atmosphere, the living room in a beach house should have inviting lounge areas and comfortable furniture.


coffee table in coastal living room


modern beach house living room


beach house living room with ocean art

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modern beach house living room

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Beach House Dining Room and Kitchen

The natural minded design principle is carried into the dining room and kitchen. Select chairs and tables made from natural materials such as wicker and wood. For beach house design, remember to prioritize furniture that is less formal and more relaxed and welcoming.

contemporary beach house dining room


beach house breakfast nook


white beach house kitchen nook


modern beach house kitchen


Beach House Bedroom

When it comes to styling a beach house bedroom, try to keep a minimal approach to create a soothing reprieve. Lots of white, lightweight linens and curtains and a natural brown or sand colored rug can lay the bedroom’s foundation. This is a good room to incorporate seaside accent colors if you like more color variation such as shades of blue, green or turquoise. 

beach house bedroom with sunset art

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white modern coastal bedroom


beach house bedside table 

beach house gallery wall over bed

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simple beach house bedroom


natural beach house bedroom


We hope this article gave you some good tips and inspiration that you can apply to your own beach house design. Happy decorating!