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Artist Statement

In attempting to share our view of the world as a tranquil and beautiful place, we frequently find ourselves in Europe, where the Old World has preserved images of a quiet, serene life.

In every image, we offer a tribute to the uniqueness of the places we have visited, reflecting an admiration for the beauty, history or symbolism in each location. The result is a collection that, taken as a whole, offers a rare view of an unwavering appreciation for beauty and serenity in all its forms, both natural and cultivated.

Every year since then, we have traveled to foreign places where our ultimate goal is to have each and every image pay silent homage to that location’s peculiar significance and power - whether via its cultural history, its symbolism, or its innate beauty. It is this power to transport that we feel distinguishes our work. Our goal is to make you feel as if you were passing through a window to another world. Hence, the name of our galleries, “Windows to the World.” If, in viewing our photographs, you feel a part of this past, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Deb and I are honored and excited by people’s enthusiasm for our work,” John says. “It’s very moving to have someone tell you they were touched by an image. We know what we like, but when other people find some meaning in what we do, we feel like we’re really making a contribution.”


I purchased a couple pieces of landscape art from MK Envision and was impressed with the selection, the staff, and their customer service. Highly recommend."

"This was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Kelsey & Michelle helped us to select the best photo from several choices, and then they created a mock up of our photo on our unusually shaped wall area. We were really pleased with the result and have had lots of complements on it."

I had been searching for almost two years for wall art to hang above my sofa, and one day, I googled modern coastal wall art and a couple of clicks in, found MK Envision Galleries! I had been waiting to find the perfect piece, and I did. I saw "Shore Break At Sunrise" and it immediately spoke to me, so I knew almost instantly that I would be buying it. I was certain it would be as beautiful in person as it looked online (and it is) but had a couple of questions before committing to the purchase. Response time was quick, communication was informative, fun and professional...Start to finish, just an awesomely great experience!

Curt N. Valle Vista, CA
Lynn S. San Diego, CA
Jeanette F. Mountain View, CA
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