Boho Bedroom Ideas

In this article, you will learn how to create a boho aesthetic in the bedroom, including boho colors and different styles of boho design, as well as boho decor ideas, tips and inspiration pictures. 

What is a bohemian style bedroom?

The bohemian decor style takes great influence from worldly travels and is known for layering different patterns, colors and textures. The resulting look can vary from a bold, eclectic bedroom to a calming, minimalist bedroom.

Better Homes and Gardens states “boho-style bedrooms mix multiple patterns, textures, and colors to create an eclectic, global-inspired look.”

 calming boho bedroom with wall hanging

What are the various styles of boho decor?

Which style of boho is for you? Minimalist, eclectic or a contemporary mix of the two?

Minimalist Boho Decor Style

The goal in minimalist boho bedroom design is creating a space that is light, natural, earthy and above all else, simple.

This style is for you if you love the travel-inspired decor and woven accents, but prefer paired down and contemporary.

minimalist boho bedroom decor

Eclectic Boho Decor Style

With eclectic boho bedrooms, the design is full of lavish, rich colors, patterns and layers, creating an inspired, artsy atmosphere.

This style is for you if you love bold colors, patterns and ornate, global finds.

worldly boho bedroom decor

What colors are boho?

Though the design principles are the same (earthy colors, lots of texture, worldy influences), color is where the two boho styles can veer off in very different directions. 

In minimalist boho bedrooms you will primarily find neutrals such as sand, beige, browns, and white. These base colors are accented by light, natural woven and wicker accents, and light pine. 

In more eclectic boho bedrooms you will find a variety of earth inspired colors such as deep olive green, sage, mauve, terracotta, mustard, burnt orange and gold. We have also seen other colors not as commonly associated to boho (such as dusty blue and navy blue) work to achieve the look, as long as they are paired with the right boho style accessories. 

Boho bedroom with plants

boho bedroom with desert art
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boho bedroom with orange blanket

blue boho bedroom

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How can I make my bedroom boho?

Here are some of our top boho bedroom decor ideas, starting with the bed and ending with wall decor ideas.

Start with the bed

When it comes to the most important part of the bedroom, you can choose to either go minimal to let other decor take center stage or make a statement. A low profile headboard allows you to take advantage of the wall behind the bed for woven wall hangings, framed travel photography prints, or a plethora of plants. A natural wicker headboard is a statement piece all by itself, or keep the headboard neutral with white or light wood. 

Other boho bedroom furniture ideas

Incorporate natural textures in chairs or nightstands such as wicker and rattan. Vintage finds such as an old trunk can become a nightstand right at home in a boho bedroom. Woven pendant lights and lamp shades are another place to bring in a layer of texture. Patterns created by woven light fixtures can easily add to a boho vibe.

boho bedroom with wicker headboard

Boho bedroom decor ideas

The decor is where the boho style can really take shape. Some boho bedroom decor ideas include chunky knit blankets draped on the bed or chair, patterned throw pillows, tapestries and macrame wall hangings. A shelf can display a collection of items from travels afar, desert art prints, clay pots and lots and lots of plants!

For more wall decor ideas and inspiration pictures, check out our blog “Boho Wall Decor: Top 7 Ideas and Tips”.

wall hanging boho style

boho bedroom decor

boho door art in bedroom

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boho wall art set of two in bedroom

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