How often does your gallery rotate exhibits?

The local photography exhibit rotates quarterly (every three months).  We have an Opening Reception at the launch of each new local artist exhibit.  The events are RSVP only as there is limited space.  Sign up for our email list on our Events Page to receive invitations.

Where do you find your featured photographers?  Are they all local?

Approximately one half of the gallery is dedicated to showcasing the work of local fine art photographers.  

We accept submissions year-round from local photographers, which are reviewed each quarter.  See our Submission Guidelines for details.

What makes them "Fine Art" prints?

All art labeled "Fine Art" has a very high standard of quality - they are designed to last a lifetime.  They are limited edition, printed on fine art photo paper with archival inks and finished with professional mounting and/or framing and gallery quality acrylic.

How do I place an order?

By phone or in person at the gallery.  Because there are so many customizable options, we prefer to speak with each customer to ensure the order is handled properly and with care.  Make a Purchase.