Media Details: Maryanne McGuire

Maryanne McGuire is as much an artist as a photographer.  She transforms her photographic prints into original works of art by applying Encaustics - the ancient art preservation method of adhering a blend of beeswax and resin to the artwork - and finally sweeping in color with pastels.  Each work of art is intended to last a lifetime with proper care.

Media Options Explained: 

  • Fine Art Photo Encaustic
    • Maryanne mounts the print on Fine Art Photo Paper to a wood board, coats the image with Encaustics, and finishes the piece by hand coloring with pastels
    • Each piece is a made-to-order original work of art
    • Mounted to 1" thick wooden frame with black or dark wood stain on the sides
    • Ready to hang

Overall Look & Feel.  The brushstrokes used to apply the wax show through, creating a slight texture.  Maryanne's color palette of choice is beautifully soft, dreamy and subdued, though some of her images have fun pops of color.

    • Fine Art Photo Paper
      • Limited Edition print on Fine Art Photo Paper
      • Colors are true to the original photograph (whereas the Encaustic, hand colored pieces take on a completely different color palette - see pictures)
      • Arrives rolled and ready for professional framing


    Care & Handling:

    Placement:  As with all Fine Art Prints, avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight to avoid premature fading.  Avoid rooms with high humidity.

    Lighting:  The quality of the printing gives each piece the potential to have a glowing, luminous look when properly lit.  We highly recommend adding spotlight or track lighting directed at the artwork.  

    Cleaning Tips:  For framed and Acrylic pieces, use fresh water to dampen a (new) microfiber cloth and gently clean.  For canvas pieces, use a dry (new) microfiber cloth.  Never use chemical solutions. 

    Hanging Art:  Click here for our comprehensive Art Hanging Guide


    A Note About the Final Product:  

    Please note that computer screens are backlit and each is color calibrated slightly differently.  Additionally, the final printed image takes on the selected media's characteristics.  

    The photographers we work with use only the top quality print labs, inks and media, and the final products are upheld to their individual standards.