How to Hang Framed Art

February 24, 2019

How to Hang Framed Art

Step by Step Guide to Hanging Framed Art at Home

You are the proud new owner of a beautiful piece of artwork and you can't to hang it on that big blank wall...  Now what?

We are going to break it down for you with the formula to calculate height, a list of tools needed, step-by-step directions and hopefully some confidence to take with you!

Step 1: Height Calculation

It is a bit of a science to the correct height at which artwork hangs for optimal viewing and minimal neck craning.  The idea is to hang artwork at “eye level” based upon the average human height of 5 feet 4 inches. See below for exceptions but this math should serve your purposes well.



57 + (1/2 height of artwork - *distance from wire to top of artwork)  

*NOTE: This measurement is essentially the distance from the point (with the wire pulled taught) at which the art will hang off the nail or screw to the top edge of the artwork.


Exceptions to the Rule
  • Are you tall?  If you and your family members happen to possess the height of NBA players or an Amazonian warrior tribe, use the starting number 60”.
  • Short?  If you are endearingly height-challenged, use the starting number 56”.
  • Vaulted ceilings?  If you have very high ceilings, use the starting number 60”.
  • Obstructions?  Also adjust if this calculation causes guests to have to shove your Wingback chair out of the way to see the bottom half of your art or if it is hanging dangerously low over a blazing fire.  Use your judgement!

Remember, the formula is simply a guideline, not an unwavering rule to live and die by.


    List of Tools:



    1. Calculate:

    Grab your pencil, paper, calculator and tape measure and do your Height Calculation (see above “Magic Formula”)

    1. Measure:

    Use tape measure to measure up from the ground to your calculated height and mark the wall with pencil

    1. It’s hammer time!  Tap Picture Hanging Hook into wall with hammer
    2. Hang and level

    Voila!  Gaze upon your perfectly hung art with the personal satisfaction of a job well done!

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