Media Options Explained

We offer the highest quality archival print media options on the market, including fine art photo paper, acrylic face mount, stretched canvas and HD aluminum.  

Many of the photographs are offered on a variety of media selected by the photographer to showcase the particular image in its best light.


Fine Art Photo Paper

    • We print on a selection of high quality, acid free fine art photo papers
    • Archival (100+ years)
    • Each variety of fine art photo paper is chosen individually for each image in order to best highlight its properties (luster, satin, metallic, etc.)
    • Ready for framing or to be face mounted to acrylic


    Acrylic Facemount

    • Fine Art Photo Paper is facemounted to 1/4" thick Acrylic
    • Float Mount gives the illusion the artwork is "floating" off the wall
    • Ready to hang

      Overall Look & Feel.  Acrylic facemount gives photographs a brilliant, glossy effect.  The thick Acrylic sheet adds depth and dimension to the finished piece and the frameless float mount gives it a modern and clean feel.


      HD Dye Sub Aluminum

      • The dye sublimation process is the most advanced method of transferring digital images onto sheets of coated aluminum
      • Dyes are infused from Epsom transfer paper into the aluminum sheet
      • Archival, water proof, UV resistant
      • Float mount gives the illusion the artwork is "floating" off the wall
      • Ready to hang

        Overall Look & Feel.  The infused dyes in the sublimation process produce a high color saturation and depth quality that is unmatched by any other media option.  The metal sheet, a mere 1/16th of an inch, coupled with the float mount give an overall impact that is modern and sleek.  Added benefits - Aluminum artwork is extremely durable and less susceptible to UV damage, and is very lightweight!


        Gallery Wrapped Canvas

        • Acid free, archival canvas with archival pigments
        • Gallery wrap - image continues over edges
        • Edges 1.5" in depth
        • Naturally anti-glare
        • Ready to hang

        Overall Look & Feel.  Timeless and versatile with any type of decor, gallery wrapped canvas is a well-loved medium.  sBonus quality: the matte finish is naturally anti-glare.


        Stretched Canvas with Float Frame


        • Professionally framed
        • Float frame creates space around canvas so artwork appears to "float" within frame 
        • Frame adds approximately 1" to each side of artwork
        • Ready to hang


        Care & Handling:

        Placement:  As with all Fine Art Prints, avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight to avoid premature fading.  Avoid rooms with high humidity.

        Lighting:  The quality of the printing gives each piece the potential to have a glowing, luminous look when properly lit.  We highly recommend adding spotlight or track lighting directed at the artwork.  

        Cleaning Tips:  For framed and Acrylic pieces, use fresh water to dampen a (new) microfiber cloth and gently clean.  For canvas pieces, use a dry (new) microfiber cloth.  Never use chemical solutions. 

        Hanging Art:  Click here for our comprehensive Art Hanging Guide


        A Note About the Final Product:  

        Please note that computer screens are backlit and each is color calibrated slightly differently.  Additionally, the final printed image takes on the selected media's characteristics.  

        Acrylic facemounts will have a similar vibrancy to what you see on your computer screen, whereas canvas and cotton rag paper prints will have a slightly subdued and softer overall look. The photographers we work with use only the top quality print labs, inks and media, and the final products are upheld to their individual standards. 


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