Chiloe Island, Chile.  "Isla Chiloe is the second largest island in Chile and is known for its independent minded inhabitants and wood churches.  Shot at sunrise in the harbor.  No computer filters were used to produce the watercolor effect.  It is the lucky artifact of a novice blunder, underexposure, corrected."
-Lisa Ross
  • Limited edition Fine Art Photograph
  • Artist signed Certificate of Authenticity included
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas with archival inks

How to Purchase:
By Phone: 619-516-8186
In Person:  Visit the Gallery (Thurs-Sun 12-4p)

Why we love it:  "Lisa is humorously honest in her explanation for the final effect of this image, attributing the painterly look to underexposure.  Another one of her pieces that takes some convincing that it is truly a photograph, this image is pleasing - interesting, charming and warm."