October 27, 2022

Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

The coastal farmhouse decor style has become a favorite decorating and design style in recent years. This style appeals to a broad range of people looking to give their homes a style makeover. 

In this article we will define the coastal farmhouse style, go over coastal farmhouse colors, and offer design advice and inspiration pictures for decorating each major room in the home.


Modern Coastal Farmhouse 


First, what is coastal farmhouse style?

The coastal farmhouse decor style combines two different design styles to create its own distinctive niche. Let’s briefly discuss coastal and farmhouse home decor styles.


Coastal Style

Coastal, modern coastal, and beach house styles embody the carefree breezy feeling you get from a day at the beach. Coastal style is marked by a light color palette with whites, neutrals and pale blues, clean lines, simple furniture, and an open, airy feel. Decor elements include woven materials such as sisal rugs and baskets, wall art featuring ocean waves or coastal images, shells, beach glass or other sea inspired decorative items.

In an article by MyDomaine, they describe the coastal aesthetic this way:

“[It’s] all about bringing the beach in, so that even when you're not sitting by the water, you feel like you are…The design is marked by clean lines and a beachy chic color palette—light airy blue, white, and sand.”


coastal decor on end table 

Photo credit: Home Bunch


Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style embraces rustic and cozy, and brings a charming take on country living into the home. You will find loved, worn pieces of furniture, vintage decor items, and darker wood accents. An article by The Spruce mentions:

"Features like wood beams on the ceiling, or a rustic dining table add a bit of that 'worn in' charm without being too kitschy… Decorating with vintage pieces, such as cutting boards, and interesting artwork can also lend character."


farmhouse style kitchen


Coastal Farmhouse

Coastal farmhouse is the best of both worlds and a perfect compromise for those who love the refreshing simplicity of coastal style but are also drawn to the rustic warmth and charm of farmhouse style. It is a blending of old and new. That blend may look like an airy living room with a modern white couch, breezy white linen curtains, and a rustic wooden mantle and antique coffee table.


coastal farmhouse decor


What colors are coastal farmhouse?

Crisp whites define coastal and modern coastal decor styles. Rustic wood is characteristic of farmhouse style. Combine the two - whites + warm wood tones - and you have the foundation for a coastal farmhouse color scheme. Beyond that fundamental combo, you can incorporate vintage farmhouse colors such as forest green, burnt orange, golden yellow, or go more coastal with navy, pale blues, greens and sandy beige.


Coastal Farmhouse mood board


Coastal farmhouse living room

In the living room, white or light couches can be balanced by rustic chairs, end tables and coffee tables. This is where it is fun to incorporate vintage finds or antique heirlooms and where old, worn pieces of furniture with history have a home. Maybe an old chest can serve as a coffee table. Accent pieces could be an old radio, piano, sewing machine or record player. 


coastal farmhouse living room


Here, warm wood tones combine with a white and natural color scheme. Beachy, natural elements include the woven chair, dried pampas, and white washed wooden beams.


 beachy farmhouse living room


Entryways or nooks in the living room are another great area to decorate with the combined styles. Here we see vintage hooks on white painted walls with other coastal decor and accents.


beachy farmhouse entry hooks


coastal farmhouse decor


Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen

To achieve a coastal modern look in the kitchen, start with a clean, white foundation - white cabinets, countertops and backsplash. Contrast the all white motif with wood accents such as wooden chairs or stools, exposed wood shelves, wood floors and perhaps exposed wood beams. Complete the look with some farmhouse style light fixtures.


modern coastal farmhouse kitchen 


coastal farmhouse open concept kitchen


modern farmhouse kitchen


Kitchen Accessories & Decor

Now the fun part- choosing coastal farmhouse kitchenware that is both functional and stylish.  Bring in some cool coastal colors to pair with the rustic wooden shelves such as pale blue, seafoam green, navy or a combination. You can incorporate those colors in your dishes, plates, bowls, mugs, vases, etc. 


farmhouse kitchen shelf


coastal farmhouse kitchen sink

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coastal blue dishes


No coastal farmhouse kitchen is complete without a display of assorted rustic cutting boards and perhaps a few antique accents such as these salt and pepper shakers.


farmhouse kitchen utensils


 mugs in coastal farmhouse kitchen


Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room

The dining room table is the perfect place to incorporate both coastal and farmhouse styles together. Balance a rustic wooden table with cool modern chairs or beachy woven chairs. The light fixture style can vary by preference - you could incorporate a vintage farmhouse chandelier, a modern coastal style glass chandelier or you could even go with a beachy wicker or woven light fixture.


farmhouse dining room


warm rustic dining table


elegant coastal dining room


Another take on combining old with new - choose a more modern dining room table with a subtle rustic element such as chunky wooden legs and combine with black farmhouse style chairs or wooden chairs.


modern farmhouse dining table 


Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom

In the bedroom, again keep with a primarily white theme and combine with warm tones such as deep browns or blues. Incorporate natural elements such as woven or wicker accents, add some coastal inspired striped linens or pillowcases, and bring in that warm wood with a dresser, headboard or flooring.

coastal farmhouse bedroom


coastal bedroom blue and white


coastal farmhouse bedroom with beach art

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rustic bedside table with plant


modern farmhouse bedroom


mid century wooden dresser


farmhouse dresser and chair


Coastal Farmhouse Wall Decor

The farmhouse style has a charming way of highlighting a family’s personal history by featuring decor items such as vintage finds, family heirlooms, and framed family photos. Other coastal farmhouse wall decor ideas include woven baskets or vintage plates hung on the wall and art featuring nature scenes, cheery flowers, or coastal scenes. 


coastal wall art

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hanging baskets wall decor


coastal farmhouse living room with beach art

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modern beach wall art

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abstract ocean framed art

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Coastal Farmhouse Decor Accents

Since coastal farmhouse is the blending of two decor styles, we will show you some ideas of how to incorporate both through smaller accents and decor items, but feel free to lean more into one of the two styles - coastal or farmhouse.


Some staple decor items with farmhouse style:

You can’t have farmhouse style without potted plants, flowers and foliage. A staple in this decor style, plants have a way of bringing a little bit of country into the home. Other farmhouse-leaning decor ideas include woven baskets, old books, vintage candles and picture frames, blanket ladders, and cozy blankets and candles.

vintage books




Staple decor items with coastal style:

Seaglass colored accents like lamps, vases and candles are a fun way to bring in some coastal colors. More coastal accents include beach grass or pampas, tropical plants, shells, and woven accents such as sisal rugs, wicker chairs, and baskets. 


coastal decor with candles and shells


tropical plant in bathroom


The blending of the two styles:

Pair the coastal glass accents, tropical plants, shells and woven baskets with rustic country elements such as potted wildflowers, framed pictures of the country, vintage candlestick holders, and a blanket ladder.


tray with farmhouse decor


wicker chair with fig leaf tree


mantle with mirror and farmhouse decor


blanket ladder with plant


coffee tables with coastal decor


Coastal farmhouse is a fun fusion of two timeless decor styles and one that we believe will be around for many years to come. We hope these styling tips and inspiration pictures will help you put your own spin on the style. Happy decorating!


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