How to Decorate a Large Wall

September 10, 2020

How to Decorate a Large Wall

If you have a large empty wall at home and are looking for tips and inspiration, look no further!  

Here at the gallery, we often get folks looking for artwork to cover a large wall in their living room.  We have put together a list of 4 types of artwork and art arrangements that can make a statement and instantly add life to that barren wall. 

Large Wall Decor Ideas & Hanging Tips:

Let’s start with some considerations when deciding on design strategy. Often, large blank walls in the home need large art pieces or art sets such as triptychs to fill the space. Gallery walls have also become popular choices and worthy contenders to large art pieces in recent years. A bonus is that they are adaptable and can grow to whatever scale is needed for the space. 


The artwork should hang at eye level.  Coming Soon: check back here for a step-by-step guide to hanging art at eye-level like a pro!


Artwork at Eye Level in Hallway



  • The artwork should be roughly ⅔ the length of the furniture beneath it
  • The lowest piece of artwork should be 5-8” over the furniture


How to hang art over a sofa

Large Wall Art & Art Sets: 



If you need to cover some serious surface area, triptychs definitely fit the bill and are versatile enough for above the sofa, the top of the stairs, over the bed or even a blank wall with no furniture.  One of our gallery artists, Dave Ness, can print a set of 3 abstract wave images as a triptych spanning up to 90 inches. 


Abstract ocean triptych art in modern living room

Ocean Mood Triptych by Dave Ness


Beach Art Triptych in living room over sofa

Tower 13 Triptych by Roy Kerckhoffs


Large Sunset Art over sofa

The Lone Photographer Triptych by Evgeny Yorobe



Another way to go big on a large blank wall is by selecting a panorama. Abstract art and fine art photography both lend themselves well to panorama formats.  It’s easy to get completely transported by a vivid panorama of a faraway place, as if you are actually enjoying the view.

Wine Photo Art Print panorama in dining room

Vino Fila by John Scanlan


Landscape Photography of mountains in living room

Montana Road by Pete Scheu


Abstract Wall art in modern home

North Jetty by Manuela Durson



Large Wall Decor Ideas & Inspiration:



If you follow MK Envision Galleries, by now you may have caught on to how much we adore gallery walls.  If you are like us and it is too hard to pick a favorite, gallery walls are the perfect solution!  Go eclectic and mix and match, building a personalized collection of art, or pick a theme and have fun finding complementary pieces.  Either way, a big statement is bound to happen, completely transforming your space.

We have put together a 25 page Gallery Wall Planning Guide, free for our email subscribers!  Click here to sign up and get an instant download sent to your email.  

Beach Themed Gallery Wall

Shop the look: beachradish images, Roy Kerckhoffs, Dave Ness & Pixel on Wood 


Eclectic Gallery Wall

Shop the look: First Mate & Bacino Rosso by John Scanlan



Picture shelves or picture ledges are another fun way to add a lot of interest to a large wall, with the added bonus of being extremely flexible.  We love gallery walls because each one is unique and personalized.  The beauty of picture shelves is you get that same unique element plus the added ability to easily switch out a couple prints seasonally (or whenever you feel like it!).  You can refresh or completely transform the look of the room.

Leather sofa with picture shelf

 Shop the look: Maryanne McGuire Matted Prints


Living room with art on shelf above sofa

 Shop the look: Calle de Blanco & Road to Brunello by John Scanlan


Looking for some fun Printable Quotes to add to a gallery wall?  Join our email list to receive monthly free downloads of inspiring graphic quotes, plus more home decor blogs.  Sign up here.

Gallery wall in office with quotes and pictures

 Shop the look: Cherry Blossoms Fine Art Print


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Artwork Sizing Chart

Artwork Sizing Chart