Streets of Old Havana, Cuba


Cuba. "Like a movie star gone soft with age, the elegant features of Old Havana are bathed in the extraordinary light that washes across every inch of this centuries-old city and forever enchants us. Her people are laid-back and humble, except when they dance, hot-hot-hot! Cuba is what it is without any apologies. A photographers dream."
-Maryanne McGuire

  • Each original piece is printed on Fine Art Archival Photo Paper, mounted to a wood panel, Encaustic coating (beeswax and resin) and hand colored with pastels
    • Also available as "Print Only" Limited Edition photographs on Fine Art Archival Photo Paper (rolled and ready for professional framing)
    • Artist signed Certificate of Authenticity included with each piece
    Note: "Print Only" photographs will not match the colors as displayed encaustic photos. The colors within the encaustic photos have been enhanced and altered to create their painterly effect.

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