September 25, 2023

Halloween Decorations for the Living Room

Halloween Decorations for the Living Room

Halloween is one of those holidays that tends to bring out our inner child. While there may be a place for the giant inflatable ghouls and an animatronic knife-wielding Mike Myers in the front yard, when it comes to decorating the living room we decided to steer more towards tasteful, classic Halloween decorations.

We have rounded up inspiration images of slightly spooky, very fun, classic Halloween decoration ideas for the living room. Whether you are looking for ways to “spookify” your living room for your children’s benefit or for your own, let’s get festive! 

Where to add Halloween Decorations in the Living Room

Prime areas of the living room to add some spooky decor are surfaces such as mantels, coffee tables, entryway tables, shelves and walls. Couches and chairs can also be places to infuse a bit of Halloween. Read on to get some ideas and inspiration on how to bring the Halloween spirit into your living room.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

The vibe we like to go for with Halloween decor is moody, cozy, slightly spooky and tasteful. Festive pumpkins, moody lighting with lanterns and candles, a few kitschy items like skulls, bats and cobwebs just for the fun of Halloween. These items can easily be removed once All Hallows Eve has come and gone for a smooth transition to fall decor and Thanksgiving. (Also check out our blog on Fall Decorating Ideas!)

woven pumpkins Fall decor


fall decorations with string lighting


pumpkins with a lantern


Halloween decor skeleton


skeleton candles decor


fall flower arrangement


modern fall decorations on coffee table


Enter if you dare: Halloween decor for the entryway

Nothing ushers in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve like an entryway decorated just for Halloween. Entryways are the perfect place to start setting the scene for a fun Halloween experience in the living room. Some ideas are a stack of pumpkins, cobwebs draped across a mirror, and some creepy black spiders or bats.

Entryway with Halloween decorationsImage Credit: The Jess Style


Halloween fireplace mantels

One of the best centerpieces for the living room is the fireplace. Make a statement with paper bats “flying” up the wall, creepy cobwebs, festive orange garlands, black candlesticks and eerie framed art.

Halloween decor in living room fireplaceImage Credit: Happily Inspired


Halloween bats and pumpkins over fireplace

Image Credit: Pinterest


simple Halloween decor over mantelImage Credit: Pinterest


mantel with Halloween decorImage Credit: Pinterest 


Adding Halloween spirit to your shelves

The perfect way to pepper in some Halloween decor is by working them into your existing shelf decor. Subtly swap a bookend for a figurine of a raven, prop a skeleton or skull on a riser and trade out your neutral candlesticks for orange or black ones. Or if you are bursting at the seams to completely redo your shelves with your growing collection of Halloween decor, go crazy!

shelves with spooky decorImage Credit: Anne Sage 


floating shelves with Halloween decorations

Image Credit: Pinterest


Tables and surfaces - platforms for spooky tributes

Look around your house for other surfaces to decorate such as coffee tables, side tables, counters etc. and dress them up with a few Halloween accents. Mini pumpkins, skulls, or more of those plastic spiders should do the trick!

Dresser with Halloween decorImage Credit: Designed Simple


Console table with Halloween decorations

Image Credit: Pinterest


Country modern living room with pumpkins

Image Credit: Liz Marie Blog


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Sometimes overlooked, walls are another perfect place to infuse the spirit of Halloween. Mirrors draped with cobwebs and plastic black spiders instantly create a haunted mansion vibe. Swapping out a few accent pieces in a gallery wall or displaying a special spooky black and white photograph just for this season are impactful ways to add an eerie element to the room. Get some wall art ideas from our Spooky Wall Art Roundup or explore our black and white photography collection.

black and white photography home decor

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Halloween gallery wall in the living room

Image Credit: Pinterest


Black and white art in modern living roomShop the Look: Idyllwild + Forest Flight Framed Photography Prints


Spooky couches and chairs, oh my!

Don’t overlook your seating areas as more real estate to add some Halloween touches such as ghostly throw pillows, stuffed pumpkins and Halloween-patterned blankets.

living room with Halloween decor on couchImage Credit: Pinterest


living room with pumpkin decorations

Image Credit: Cozy Little House


By following these tips and getting creative with your decorations, you can transform your home into a tastefully spooky Halloween haven. Happy decorating!


Looking for more spooky wall art? You can find some in our black and white photography collection!