Staff Picks: Maryanne McGuire Photography

August 01, 2021

Staff Picks: Maryanne McGuire Photography

This collection is made up of the gallery staff's favorite fine art photographs by artist and photographer Maryanne McGuire.

Some of her collection are offered as prints on fine art paper or archival canvas. Others in her collection are offered in the form of "hand-colored encaustics". Maryanne has a unique, hands-on artistic process to transform her original photography into one-of-a-kind works of art.

"I custom print each image in my studio on museum fine art archival paper. Then I enhance the images by using an encaustic process. This method refers to applying hot beeswax over a photographic image. The base materials used in encaustic work is a combination of beeswax and Damar Resin.

After applying the wax and resin, I paint on top of the wax with pastels to further enhance my photographs to look more like paintings. Beeswax and resins are ancient ingredients from nature, I blend old and new to create an original work of art. The vintage hues and textures reflect the life- force of the architecture and the history of the locations.

This technique is a perfect match with my classic style of photography. I’m attracted to the form and elegance of objects when they’re balanced. I love the feeling of waiting for that perfect moment, flawless lighting, then pressing the shutter to steal away a thrilling experience that I can share with others."

-Maryanne McGuire


The following three staff picks are original encaustics:

Travel wall art

Castillo de Los Tres Reyes Del Morro Encaustic Wall Art


Photograph of church in Havana

Havana, Cuba Encaustic Wall Art


Artwork of European street

Szentendre, Hungary Encaustic Wall Art


The following wall art in this collection of staff picks are part of Maryanne's limited edition prints, available on fine art paper or wrapped canvas:

Framed wall art

Powder Blue Beauty Framed Travel Wall Art


Framed Grand Canyon photograph in living room

Vertical Grand Canyon Framed Wall Art


Framed landscape photography in living room

Field of Light in Sedona Canvas Wall Art


Floral wall art

Delicate Florals Framed Wall Art


Beach palm tree wall art

Soft Blue Skies of Florida Wall Art on Canvas


Ocean wall art in bedroom

Sunrise at Miami Beach Canvas Wall Art


 Framed car wall art

Blue Car with Pastel Wall in Havana Framed Travel Wall Art


Photograph of doorway in Budapest

Doorway in Budapest Wall Art on Fine Art Paper



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