Modern Wall Art: "Urban Paradise"

June 16, 2020

Modern Wall Art:

Each piece in this collection of wall art is bold enough to hold its own in Modern home interiors as well as Industrial or Urban decor styles.  If you have a large wall to decorate, or a statement to make over a living room sofa or bed, these fine art prints with their bold lines and colors are the perfect candidates.

Selecting the right wall art is an important consideration when decorating a Modern home with an open floor plan and clean lines.  The art must be simple, bold, and striking in its own right.  The pieces in this collection have been chosen with those concepts in mind - some are architectural, some have striking lines or bold colors, and each of them is strong enough to hold its own.

We hope this collection offers inspiration as you dream up your perfect modern home interior!


This wall art collection is created with care by the MK Envision Print Lab or the artists' own professional print labs.  Each print is produced using archival inks on fine art paper, canvas or aluminum and is meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  


1. Shoot the Piano Player by Lisa Ross


2. Waves of Light by Evgeny Yorobe


3. Beach Run by beachradish images


4. Reflecting on Cannon Beach by Kim Belverud


5. Urban Paradise San Diego by Lee Sie


6. Antelope Island State Park by Kim Belverud


7. St. Peter's Interior by Jeff Brown


 8. Ink Lines by beachradish images


9.  WaterLight by beachradish images


10. Strawberry Moonrise by Kim Belverud


11. And There Beyond by Sandra Kourah


12. Waves of Time by Pete Scheu


13. Chromatic Symphony by Lee Sie


14. The Bridge by Lee Sie


15. Wait(ing) by Diego Lapetina


16. Coast Walk Aerial by Evgeny Yorobe


17. In Perpetuity by beachradish images


18. Ocean Colors by Dave Ness


19. Pass(ing) by Diego Lapetina


20. Below the Lighthouse by Janelle Maas


21. McCullough Memorial Bridge by Manuela Durson


22. Blue Serene by Sandra Kourah 


23. See Me at 23 by Roy Kerckhoffs


24. Crescent Beach by Kim Belverud


25. Coastal Vines by beachradish images


26. Coronado Bridge Sunrise by Evgeny Yorobe


27. Between States by beachradish images


28. Sunbeams and Clouds by Kim Belverud


29.  After the Storm by Kim Belverud


30. San Diego Winter by Roy Kerckhoffs


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