April 12, 2021

Staff Picks: Pixel On Wood

Staff Picks: Pixel On Wood

The gallery staff members were asked to select their top 2 to 3 favorite fine art photographs by Vincent Darmohusodo of Pixel on Wood. Vincent is a fine art photographer as well as an artist/craftsman. Select images are available as his signature hand-transferred photo wood art. 

Read more about Pixel on Wood here.


Abstract ocean wall art

Elegance Fine Art Print


Framed beach art

Deep Blue Fine Art Print


Surf art beach house

Lone Paddler Wood Photo Transfer


Wood beach art

Surf Lineup Wood Photo Transfer


Surf photo wall art

Surf Lineup Fine Art Print


Ocean art print

Close Out Fine Art Print


Tropical wall art in modern living room

Broken Beach Fine Art Print


Ocean wave art

Sea Glass Fine Art Print


Ocean art in coastal living room

Locals Only Fine Art Print


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