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Artist Statement

After living on the east coast for the majority of my life, I've called San Diego my home for the last several years. In that time, I have grown an appreciation for its beautiful weather and terrain, as well as the ability to shoot outdoors all year long. These factors, combined with my strong connection with nature, has fueled my joy to shoot landscapes to capture its beauty in images. I feel grateful that there are so many opportunities to shoot landscapes in San Diego, but I also love to travel and my favorite places to visit are National and State Parks. I'm drawn to shooting with a wide angle to convey the large scale of Earth's natural beauty. My favorite type of landscape image will always include dramatic skies. I love the texture and contrast of clouds and the way the light and color reflect upon them.


I started shooting in film when I was a child and continued through classes in high school and college. I transitioned to digital more than 10 years ago. Since then, I have been shooting macro nature images and landscapes and have been published in an international photography magazine for that work. Two years ago, I began my professional career in family photography, but my strong appreciation of nature inspires me to continue with the macro and landscape work as personal passion projects.


For those who view my work, the underlying message I hope to convey is appreciation in the beauty of everyday moments in nature. I incorporate color and contrast in my work which I feel is a metaphor for life. There are areas of light and dark, and those of light can only be truly appreciated by the contrast of the dark.


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