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Artist Statement

My journey with photography started almost 20 years ago - I’m completely self-taught and have learned through iteration and example. I shoot all digital and use high dynamic ranging (HDR). Because the human eye can see color and contrast much better than any camera in existence, HDR allows me to replicate a landscape as I remember it in my mind’s eye. This gives it a realism characterized by both bold color and deep contrast. 

I love to treat life as a great adventure – we should never forget that every day is a gift. To that end, I travel extensively with my camera. I find myself mostly in the parks or driving the coast where I can be alone in nature – its power instills in me a solace I can find in nothing else. My passion for capturing these moments and sharing them with others is what motivates me as a photographer. On any adventure with my camera, I never know what each day is going to bring, what the light will be, when the scene will develop itself, or how that experience and story will unfold. By capturing and bringing light to so many of the beautiful places on this earth, it’s my goal to share that same feeling of solace and peace with others in moments that would otherwise be lost to time.

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Artwork Sizing Chart