Local Photographer: Dave Ness

Dave Ness was the local featured photographer in MK Envision Galleries' Fall 2017 Exhibit.  His work is available for purchase through the gallery.  To place an order call 619-516-8186.

His exhibit entitled "Spirit of the Wave" includes 14 impressionistic pieces that capture our imaginations and the essence of waves.  His work is printed on gallery quality canvas and each piece is hand wrapped by Dave himself.  Many of his pieces are offered as triptychs.  

About Dave

Our lives are filled with noise, clutter, “emergencies”, deadlines, and rapid fire decisions.  While some of these are necessary, there is a need for a balance, a grounding force, to keep life in perspective.  The prospect of bringing some calm to an otherwise busy life is my driving influence.

Dave's Passion:  In Dave's words, "I've always liked capturing images and sharing them. There are countless scenes to capture. When I think about why I capture the ones I do, I believe the statement above says it all. "  

Dave's Background:  Dave's background is not that of a typical artist. With an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA he moved from Engineering, to Marketing and Sales and eventually to CEO of an electronic instrumentation company.  He is grateful for his technical background as he considers capturing compelling images is part technical (left brain) and part artistic (right brain). His training allows him to understand the technical aspects of the camera and optics with a comfort level which allows him to then solely focus on the artistic side of this art.    

Dave's Process:  Dave's skills in photography come from extensive study, experimentation and by sharing techniques with other photographers. Dave believes that great images come from slowing down and getting in touch with the many aspects of the scene which culminate in the total scene. He strives to capture the colors, motion, energy and overall feeling of a scene rather than a perfect pictorial representation.

Dave often captures images in a photo impressionistic style. He does very little editing in the computer often limited to sharpening, light adjustment and slight saturation adjustment. He prints, mounts and stretches nearly all of his canvas pieces, retaining control over the quality of each art piece delivered.  He usually prints those images to be framed, or laminated to acrylic or Sintra. 


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