September 02, 2022

Men's Bedroom Decor

Men's Bedroom Decor

Consider this your guide to decorating a modern men’s bedroom with inspiration pictures, design tips and ideas. Whether you are researching for your own bedroom makeover or you are tackling this project for a loved one, we hope this article offers some good takeaways.

Maybe you are decorating a first apartment, a bachelor pad or maybe it’s time your bedroom gets an updated look. Whatever the scenario, we are here to walk you through how to plan and decorate a men’s bedroom in 5 steps so that it looks put together and has a defined style. Let’s get to it!


gray modern mens bedroom


Step #1: Pick Your Decor Style

First thing’s first. Choose a decor style. Having a vision of the style you like will guide you through the entire decorating process from choosing paint color and wall decor to furniture and light fixtures. Here are some popular men’s bedroom decor styles.

Modern Mens Bedroom

Clean lines and bold colors, the modern decor style is an appealing look for a men’s bedroom. With the modern decor style, you can go with subdued neutrals, classic black and white, bold pops of primary colors or any other color scheme you can dream up.


modern bedroom with abstract art


modern bedroom with yellow floor


Rustic Mens Bedroom

A wood paneled accent wall or a rustic wood headboard creates an outdoorsy, cabin vibe. Balance with industrial light fixtures or shelves and modern, simple furniture to give it an updated look. 

rustic bedroom with wood wall


rustic bedroom wood ceilingSource: @my_suburban_farmhouse via Instagram


Minimalist Mens Bedroom

Another popular style for men’s bedrooms is minimalist or modern minimalist. This style is characterized by the space being uncluttered, simple furniture and bedding, and minimalist wall decor such as black and white art prints. 


modern black and white bedroom


modern minimalist bedroom

Step #2: Choose a Color Scheme

A key design tip to making a room look put together is sticking to a color scheme. Here are some popular masculine color palettes to pull inspiration from.

Go dark and moody

Dark gray, green, earthy brown or even black accent walls with darker colored bedding creates a woodsy and relaxed atmosphere.


hunter green modern mens bedroom


dark bedroom with gray walls


brown headboard with dark black accent wall 


If you don’t want to go full bold, dark and moody but instead want a harmonious mix of dark and light features, a great design principle to keep in mind is light walls with dark furnishings or dark walls with light furnishings.


Balance light and dark

If you are not the dark and moody type, a good general design principle is to balance light and dark when painting and decorating a room. 

Gray and white is a pleasing and versatile men’s bedroom color scheme. It is softer than black and white and can suit different decor styles from minimalist and modern to contemporary and everything in between.


gray and white bedroom


textured gray bedroom wall


Classic Black and White

 For a modern and sophisticated look, a black and white color motif is a perfect base.


black and white modern mens bedroom


This black and white bedroom incorporates some other accent colors such as gold and blue.


modern men's bedroom with black walls


This black and white bedroom incorporates wood paneling and is accentuated by a pair of black and white wall art prints.


black and white color scheme bedroom


To soften a black and white color scheme, a subtle variation could be substituting off-white neutrals in place of stark whites and bringing in textured linens.  


black and white modern bedroom


Again, a softer look is achieved with the heather brown headboard and off-white sheets.


brown bed with black accent wall


Warm and cool tones

Similarly to balancing dark and light, incorporating warm and cool tones creates a pleasing atmosphere in the bedroom. The warmth is inviting and relaxing, and the cool tones help keep the style contemporary. 

This men’s bedroom is a good example of a harmonious balance of warm and cool. Beginning with the walls themselves, the half gray accent wall color contrasts with the whites. Chocolate brown bedding and a charcoal gray throw blanket are contrasted with a pop of bright white sheets.

rustic mens bedroom


Light and bright

To enhance the mood lifting ability of a light filled room, white walls don’t have to be boring. With some well appointed wall decor, rug and plants, a mostly white room can have a lot of personality. 


brown and white bedroom


This room adds style to the white walls and bedding with a bold geometric black and white rug and a gallery wall with pops of playful color. 

black and white bedroom

Step #3: Plan the Layout

Whether you have a small bedroom with just enough space for your bed and a dresser or you have a larger space to play around with, it is wise to put some planning into furniture placement. Whatever the size, you want to have clear pathways around the bed and a way to navigate through the room without obstructions. 

If you have some extra space, consider extra seating for relaxing or reading.

 mens bedroom with couch


master bedroom dresser and chair


If you have to accommodate room for an office in the bedroom, find a suitable wall or nook for a desk and rather than try to squeeze a large desk in the space, take measurements and find a suitably sized desk.


mens bedroom with desk


 desk and chair with framed poster


Step #4: Choose Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture, we always recommend simple, clean lines. A low profile headboard, simple dressers and nightstands in neutral colors like black, gray or wood can fit into just about any decor style.  That way, if your style changes over the years and your bedroom gets a facelift, you may be able keep your bedroom furniture and just update the wall color, decor and bedding for a whole new look.


modern gray bed in white bedroom

Step #5: Add Personality with Wall Decor

Wall decor is where you should let your personality shine. In this section, we will go over numerous wall decor ideas to go with different personality types and interests. Use these pictures for inspiration to transform your bedroom into your own unique space.

Personality: The musician

Use your guitars or other instruments as wall decor, positioning them safely off the ground and available for easy access for your next jam session.

bedroom with guitars wall mounted


Personality: The movie enthusiast

Framing posters of favorite movies is a fun way to commemorate the cinema classics.


framed movie posters


Personality: The artsy type

Create a gallery wall featuring your art collection, maps of your travels or other memories, and framed personal artwork.

rustic bedroom with gallery wall


Personality: The surfer dude

For the surf enthusiast, a themed gallery wall adds interest and highlights your passion for the beach. Explore more San Diego art print collections and ocean art prints.


surfer gallery wall over bed

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Personality: The free spirit

For the bohemian types, find tapestries or woven artworks that pay homage to other cultures. Check out our blog on boho wall decor ideas here.


 boho bedroom with woven wall decor


Personality: The outdoorsy type

Incorporate nature inspired wall art, a wall mural or wallpaper such as this abstract mountain range to bring the wilderness into your bedroom.


natural brown and gray bedroom


Personality: The urbanite

To create an industrial downtown loft vibe, put up a faux brick wall. These days that look can be surprisingly attainable and fool the best with stick-on tiles or textured wallpaper. 


 urban bedroom with brick wall


Maybe you don’t fit into any of those personality types or interests and you just want to find cool wall art! See below for some unique wall art ideas.


Black and white art

Black and white art prints have a modern look and are a classic choice for the bedroom that will never go out of style.

black and white art in bedroom
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Nature Scenes

Find nature wall art of your favorite location for an outdoor adventure. Scenes of the desert, mountains, waterfalls or forests on your bedroom walls have a calming, therapeutic effect.  

rustic bedroom with tree artShop the Look: Tunnel of Light Fine Art Print


bedroom with large window and framed photographShop the Look: The Road Through Arches Fine Art Print


Other Wall and Bedroom Decor

Other than art, here are some wall decor ideas for empty walls including shelves, clocks, and mirrors. 


A shelf unit can take up a big blank wall and give lots of storage space for keepsakes, books and framed photos.


modern bedroom with shelf unit


floating shelves with lamp and books


Wall Clocks

Unique wall clocks can add a lot of style to your bedroom while also serving a purpose.


oversized modern wall clockSource: Pinterest


unique wooden wall clock Source: Pinterest



Smaller geometric shaped mirrors can also serve a dual purpose - adding interest to your walls while also being functional.


bedroom dresser and round mirror 


Strategically placed large wall mirrors can give a small bedroom the illusion of more space. For more design tips on making a small space feel bigger, read our article small apartment living room ideas.


modern mens studio bedroom 



Finally, we would be remiss if we failed to mention indoor plants for bedroom decor ideas. You can add potted plants, hanging plants, and plants on shelves or dressers. Not only are plants beautiful to look at and add life to the room, they are also natural air purifiers!


indoor potted plants on shelf

That concludes our men’s bedroom decor guide. Hopefully you have garnered some ideas to incorporate into your own design project. If you saw any wall art prints that you liked, learn about our free “try” before you buy offer. Happy decorating!

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