March 05, 2024

Design Trend: Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year

Design Trend: Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year

Invite that Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Are you looking for some inspo to refresh your interior this Spring? In this article, we will explore the Pantone Color of the Year for 2024, “Peach Fuzz”, and demonstrate ways you can easily incorporate this warm and cheery color into your own home. First, we will share a bit about Pantone’s background in the design world and why it is so influential, then we provide easy tips and designer ideas on how to decorate with "Peach Fuzz", and finally we reveal our gallery curator’s picks featuring the Color of the Year.

Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Peach Fuzz

Why Pantone?

Pantone is one of the most widely recognized color systems in the world.

It was originally established in 1963 and later became the pinnacle of universal color language that enables effective color communication.

If you’re not familiar with the Pantone Matching System, it is a tool that compares a particular color to a specific number. The combination is presented in chip format that can easily be detached and sent as an exact reference for color reproduction.

Since its introduction in the last 50 years or so, Pantone continues to be the most widely used color system in the world. The swatches are utilized in various industries, and particularly within Design, Fashion, Architecture and Decor. Nowadays, you can see Pantone’s Color of the Year announcements as a major influence on and inspiration for all kinds of artists and designers and their current projects.

Peach Fuzz is a sweet pastel that can be described as a hue in-between a soft orange and milky pink, and we believe that this Pantone color of the year will definitely “invite that warm, fuzzy feeling” into your home-- especially if you’re planning to upgrade your Spring decor.

Here are some ideas for different design techniques and aesthetics that exemplify the range Peach Fuzz can offer your home styling.


Pops of Peach and Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse living room with peach pillowsPhoto by @heartofwendy on Instagram

Notice the home is mostly neutral with creams and whites, but they centralized the Peach-colored decor with throw pillows and blanket on their sofa, then accented with Spring florals on the wall and tabletop.

This gives the room that pop of brightness for Spring-feels, while highlighting the Farmhouse vibes.


Peach, Boho-chic and Botanicals

boho living room lounge on floor with pillows Photo by @girl_withbindiya on Instagram

In this Bohemian-inspired room, they used the bright greens from their live plants and botanicals, as well as bold teal pillows to brighten up the rest of the cream and peach toned room. This use of color contrast creates a blissful and cheery color harmony.


Peach and Contemporary Luxury

elegant modern dining and living room with peach accents

elegant dining room with peach accent wall Design & Images by Bruce Fox Design

This elegant, Contemporary condo proves that you can definitely make Peach Fuzz illuminate a luxurious feel. A mix of Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco furniture and patterns with 1970s decor accents this newly reonvated Chicago home perfectly. You can also see deep teals and maroons are being utilized to add a cohesive and interesting contrast against the Peach Fuzz colored walls.


Peach Fuzz as an Accent Wall

contemporary living room with peach and pink accentsDesign & Image by Melanie Turner Interiors

Painting an accent wall can add so much fun to a room. Especially when the rest of the walls are a neutral color or a shade of white, the accent wall can really pop!

In this Contemporary home, the designer adds pinks/yellows/golds as analogous colors for a nice gradation, while also adding contrast with another set of analogous tones from the violet and magenta florals and maroon ottoman.


Peach Fuzz in Wall Art

Now moving on to Wall Art as decor -- you can also add the lovely Peach Fuzz into your home with our curated selections of Fine Art Photography Prints. Explore our suggestions below on which prints would best fit your favorite type of interior looks and bring home that #whitewallremedy!


Wall Art For the Coastal Farmhouse Lover 

contemporary coastal bedroom with beach sunrise wall art

Sunrise at Miami Beach” by Maryanne McGuire


Wall Art For the Desert Modernist

 desert wall art triptych over a beige sectional

Borrego Springs State Park” (Triptych) by Kim Belverud


Wall Art For the Abstract Minimalist

 sleek modern home with abstract peach wall art

Reeds at Sunset” by Dave Ness


Wall Art for the Mid-Century Traveler

 mid century modern chairs with a large sunset photography print

Misty Morning Tuscany” by Lee Sie


Wall Art for the Gallery Wall Enthusiast

nature gallery wall over white bench

Serenity” - Gallery Wall Collection


Discover more Peach Fuzz inspired images by going to our new Color Collection -- Feeling Peachy.