July 10, 2020

Home Office Ideas: Sanity-Saving Tips

Home Office Ideas: Sanity-Saving Tips

Many of us now work from home after COVID has redefined the workplace.  If you live in a small space or have never had a home office, this can pose a new challenge.  Add in the layers of other family members also working from home, small kids banging on the door, things needing attention around the house everywhere you look, the work-life balance begins to blur by the day.

Here at MK Envision Galleries, much of our work is devoted to our online gallery, so creating a home office space that is effective, inspiring, and organized was very important to establish.

Here are the 4 most practical and effective tips and ideas we have come across in order to save your sanity and add order to your home office setup.

Home Office Tip #1: Create a work zone

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For many, avoiding distractions and staying focused is the trickiest challenge about working from home. First and foremost, establishing a “work zone” is paramount to success when it comes to home office setup. It should be a comfortable place, free of distractions, and depending on your living situation it may need to be a place where you can shut the door.  Other tips to creating a focused work zone are to add a fan for white noise or play some background music on your computer.  

If at all possible, avoid setting up your work zone in your bedroom.  There can be a subconscious difficulty “turning off” and truly mentally unplugging if your desk and computer are in your sleep sanctuary.  

Home Office Tip #2: Organization

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Take the time to get organized, whether you need a 5 drawer filing cabinet or just a notepad and laptop, clear your work space of non-essential items and clutter. Keeping your desk clear helps to keep your mind clear and geared up to focus on the tasks at hand.  A tip is to organize and tidy your desk at the end of each work day just as you would in a shared office.

Home Office Tip #3: Set up boundaries and take breaks

On the flip side of those struggling with distractions, is the tendency to become a workaholic when working from home.  Boundaries get blurred as clocking in and out loses its meaning, which is why it is very important to establish a routine and set boundaries.  

A great tip is to set your work hours to mimic your normal office hours.  Set an end-of-day timer if you tend to get lost in projects.  Take normal lunch breaks and even go on a quick walk down the block for a dose of sunshine and mental clarity.  Ensuring you make time for family, relaxing, and unplugging is critical to successfully telecommuting. 

Home Office Tip #4: Add some inspiration

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It is well-known that an inspired worker is an efficient worker.  If possible, set your desk near a window with a view (even if it’s just the neighbor’s roof).  Add inspiring artwork such as nature art prints or ocean art prints, photos of your loved ones, a plant or items that make you happy to gaze upon when you divert your eyes from the screen.   

Working from home has many benefits but also comes with a unique set of challenges.  We hope these tips for creating a home office setup offered some helpful ideas for your own home office success!  


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